Warning about Kitesurfing In Currumbin Creek

Posted on by Marvin B

This area is very popular with locals and visitors and is a place that large numbers of people enjoy in a wide range of recreational activities including swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, bird watching, picnicking on the sand, etc.


This area is also a hot spot due to the popularity and the confined nature of the location.  There have been several incidents between various users in the past (e.g. various types of vessels and surfers/surf craft of various styles, kite surfers and swimmers/beachgoers, etc.).


Gold Coast Waterways Authority is aware of various rules, regulations, codes of conducts, covering kite-surfing that are in operation elsewhere and that, if applied to the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek, would not permit kite surfing activities in the area.


However, rather than ban any users, Gold Coast Waterways Authority is determined to try a more collaborative approach.


GCWA asks you not to use the waters within the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek for kite surfing activities, unless it is for the launching or retrieval of kite surfing equipment to access ocean waters seaward of the entrance to Currumbin Creek’.

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