TemaVento R70 Race review by Jason Cane

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Im personally tired of reading reviews that consist of ‘Hi i’m pimping out Griffin Kites they are the best in the world’ or ‘Liquidforce Envy is the best kite to freestyle with’. SO without further a due please find my review of the Temavento R70 race board from Italy.

I received the Temavento Friday last week, and had very high expectations. I received the board on Friday around lunch time all the way from Italy, so I was very eager to make sure it had made the journey from Italy to Australia all fine. The board was absolutely stunning, the first thing I instantly noticed that it was VERY VERY light! 5.010KG. Temavento just looks and feels tough, even though it is extremely light weight. You don’t really need to worry that your going to damage it not like other boards that feel very flimsy and brittle. The TV looks the goods as well, the orange is super tight and honestly looks great. Everything about the TV is great quality. The fin boxes sit perfectly in the board (all full carbon), the footpads are superlight weight and very tough and durable, the paint job is so light to keep weight down, the top of the board feels super strong.

One thing that really appeals to me is that these boards are HAND MADE, Jimmi (the creator of Temavento) makes only 100-115 boards in a year. I love knowing that each board is hand crafted and hand built and its not coming out of the cobra factory or some Chinese bloke is building it in Thailand.

Fins: This review has been tested with Tuned Tectonic Talons for TV. The recommended fins for TV are tectonics, so putting my talons in was perfect.
NOTE: i do need to sand the back edge of the fins because they are slightly too high for the fin box, when I fine tune my board that will be the finishing touch, currently sits about 1.00mm above the board on the back edge, front edge sits perfectly.
Another note: For most race boards i would recommend going to a bolt shop and buying specially made screws with the higher levels of nickel in them to stop rust. (last thing you want) OH and if your wondering what size to buy, its a Metric 6 for tectonic fins – 75mm screw.

The Temavento does not come with straps, so I was forced to put my north straps on it (my dakine straps are on backorder). Make sure you have a powerdrill handy because the screw box is super tight and requires some serious screwing to make sure they sit properly.

The Temavento 2012 has a scoop/rocker line that is:
Long constant scoop – flat – tail kick.
The 2012 TM is a very fast board. It just wants to sit the fins and hammer.


I found the Temavento to really push upwind really well, I was able to point quite high. Slightly higher than my north LTD, but only very slightly (the north LTD is not by any means a bad board) I found the board to ride very flat and to be very smooth. The board’s nose is quite high so jumping / bouncing over the chop is quite easy and the fins just guide you over smoothly. The board really powers upwind in the gusts and positioning is most deff the key to make sure that it continues to power upwind.


This is where I have found the Temavento to really excel. The reaching for the Temavento was by far the best I’ve ridden so far. It is extremely stable and smooth. The fins really power and the board stays rigid, flat and stable. I’ve particularly enjoyed the speed I’ve been able to get on the reaching legs on it without feeling completely terrified or feeling like at any stage I will be bucked off. (that said i’ve had some amazing stacks as well)

Its hard to really give the reaching justification as it really just hops over chop with ease, stays flat and powers along, it was really amazing to be going so fast but still fully in control.

Travelling directly downwind (being a bigger guy) has never been my favourite leg, however the TV really works on maintaining boat speed without throwing or jerking forward. I had no problems going downwind in 19knots, however like any race board when the wind gets up and the chop/swell gets bigger going down / through the waves is always going to be a difficult leg. That said it was still comfortable and stable downwind.

Gybing: Found the TV to turn sharp enough to gibe with ease.

Tacking: No issues

Overall, I really was impressed with the Temavento. Im currently now after demoing trading in my North LTD in and upgrade to the Temavento. Even with not many hours on this board i will take it to Melbourne to see what I can do. Hopefully i can get 10+ hours on the water between now and Melbourne!

I’d also like to point out- after having alot of trouble landing my tacks, if your looking for an answer to ‘why i cant tack consistently’ I found longer lines to be an absolute blessing in disguise, I added 5m to the 25m lines and all of a sudden I started nailing tacks getting into a position to drop my ass in the water then straight back up.

If your interested in Temavento I know Marvin (intheloop) and myself will both be at Melbourne to show these Orange Italian Ferrari’s off. So please come say hi to us!

The sexy Tail

TemaVento Techtonics Talon 42cm/39cm

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