SUP Surf Lessons

So you are keen to ride waves in Townsville?
Intheloop offers SUP surfing lessons suitable for any level. A SUP Surf lesson is designed to get you safely catching waves in a very short time.

Our Stand Up Paddle Surf lesson focus on;

  • Safety in the surf, locations
  • Board handling and manoeuvering- all you need to know to get onto your 1st waves
  • Paddling techniques for SUP surfing
  • Swell and weather conditions in  Townsville region/ North Queensland

We have a few good wave locations for SUP surfing in the Townsville region and we have worked out when and where the swell works at times.

We have one very good beginner location for our 1st timers keen to do a sup surf lesson.

Magnetic Island is an intermediate skills location and Alva Beach for advanced/experts only.

Get in touch with us and we will take you to the right location depending on the conditions. Get Stoked and catch some waves up here.

Lesson Costs

  • $150 for a two lesson SUP in the Surf package (includes a flat water session and a surf session)-  2 hours
  • $50 per person for a private one-to-one session (for those who have already got some flat water paddling experience)- 90mins

These intensive sessions cover:

  • Common mistakes every surfer makes when starting to SUP in the surf
  • How to avoid or overcome these problems
  • Equipment – how to choose the right board and paddle for your ability
  • Surf etiquette – how to safely handle yourself and your board in the line-up

Prior to a SUP wave riding lesson, students must;

  • Be a confident swimmer and be able to swim at least 100 metres in surf conditions
  • Complete one of our flat water lessons
  • Be prepared to wait till the conditions are right

If you’ve never surfed before, SUP Surfing is the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to start catching waves and we take you to the best locations for it. Stand Up Paddle Surfing opens up a whole new dimension of water time and fun. You can have hours of fun catching the smallest of waves or paddle down the beach and find your own, uncrowded wave.

And for those surfers keen to give it a go, it can also improve short or long board surfing skills.

Our SUP Surf lessons are designed to not only take novices safely into the world of SUP wave riding, but also for more experienced surfers who are finding the transition to SUP wave riding frustrating.

The key to successful SUP wave riding is to make sure you’re on the right board for your skill level – because you want to be riding waves, not floundering around and falling off the board.

Alva Sup Surfing

Alva Sup Surfing

surfing on the island

surfing on the island

small and clean waves are fun

small and clean waves are fun

Saunders beach surf

Micha ripping it up north of #Townsville

nothing describes the feeling when you catch your 1st wave ever.

nothing describes the feeling when you catch your 1st wave ever.