Australia Kite Repairs

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Australia Kite Repairs - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

At In the Loop Kiteboarding we know what its like to get your kite damaged.  The first thing that goes through any kiteboarders mind is:

“I Cant Kite any more!”

“My beloved kite  – I’ve wrecked it!”

That’s why we have taken on this service.  We, at In the Loop Kiteboarding provide Australia wide online kite repair service.
We have repaid over 1000 kites since 2003 and have the best prices and top quality. Our turn over time to fix your kite is normally on 1-2 days!!

Any repair of any shape or size we will fix it.  Not only that, we will endeavour to get the job done fast so you can get out on the water as quickly as possible.

How To Get Your Kite Repaired Now

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If you need to chat about it, we will answer your call asap and we can talk through you specific needs:  0415837484      Marvin Baumeister

How We Deal With Repairs

Small Kite Repair Jobs

These are the kite repair jobs that are quick and easy.  We can usually do these in a matter of hours – sometimes even minutes.  At  In The Loop Kiteboarding we have all the professional kite repair equipment available to get the job done quick and easy.

Larger Kite Repair  Jobs and Complete Overhauls

These are kite repair jobs that require sewing machines and our repair expert.  After filling in the online form and once confirmation is done, the kite is sent directly to our kite repairer.  Address your kite by Australia and send it to our shop:

320-322 Flinders Mall, Townsville, 4810 Qld
ph: 07 47726716

Confirm to us that the kite is sent. Ian will have already recieved your details and you will also have a quote from us of how much the repair will cost

Once our repairer has received the kite, he will repair the kite within the next 48 hours and have the kite delivered back to you immediately.  We are looking at a 5-7 day turn around at the absolute max

Our Kite Repair Service Includes

  • Any canopy or leading edge damage
  • Bladder Repair
  • Small holes
  • Large rips and tears
  • Line replacement
  • Line tuning

If your kite is damaged, dont delay.  Lets get it fixed fast and professionally at a fair price. Click here to get it sorted

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