Petition to ban Kiteboarding in Pallarenda Beach

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Local Dep Mayor recommending to Council to ban kiteboarders because of petition by 27 people that feel at risk with ‘kites and wires laying on the beach’ and ‘kites flying’ in Pallarenda.
Basically they want to restrict us to about 120m beach between access 13 and 14.
They also want Intheloop kiteboarding to teach in the same area.

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As a regular user of Palleranda I would be happy to sign a petition to KEEP the Kite boarders, I love watchig them there in what would otherwise be an empty beach on a windy day. How much beach do these “27” want anyway!!!

Posted by: Raymo of The ‘ville 11:42pm Friday
As a visiting competitor from Victoria to your awesome beach and great town I am shocked to hear about this ban. 27 residents complained about the kite boarders… Jeez. Look I loved kiting there and was planning on bringing my family for a holiday back there. Shame there are a lot more beaches I can go to and not have that hassle in Oz. You are throwing tourist dollars away.

Posted by: Allen of Victoria 7:23pm Friday

This is just stupid! Leave the kiteboarders alone! Those 27 people need to get a life! Seriously there are bigger problems in this town than law abiding people that are having fun on their days off!

Posted by: Lauren of North Ward 6:08pm Friday
I am not a kitesurfer and I think this is a ridiculous suggestion. I have never felt endangered by kitesurfers down at Pallarenda. If you want to promote Townsville as a kiteboarding destination, especially for the big competitions we get, this is a counter-productive move. I have never heard of any incidents involving kiteboarders on pallarenda but you can bet it will start happening if they only allowed 150m of beach to start and end from.

Posted by: Leah of QLD 4:35pm Friday
Watching the kiteboarders is one of the major reasons I and many others go to Pallaranda, they are enjoyable to watch and I have never seen anything dangerous. They ussually all stick to a reasonable stretch anyway and I dont see why all of these people should be banned. I dont see why a petition with just 27 signatures should even be considered so seriously by council, to ban all of these people based on a petition signed by such a small minority is just ridiculous. There are far many more dangerous things going on around the city that we should be focused on rather than preventing people from participating in a great sport on a near empty beach.

Posted by: WIlliam Stone 3:37pm Friday

Our online petition against this.

Townsville, Australia, 16/08/2012
Councillor V Veitch tabled a petition to the Townsville City Council requesting that Kite Boarding in Pallarenda be restricted to an area of 150m and the current Kiteboarding permits with CASA and the local council along Pallarenda Beach be reviewed. It is a ridiculously small area looking at over 200 local kiters, learners and tourists using the location on a regular basis without any issues with the public in over 10 years.
Basically a few residents (27 that signed the Petition) want to see our our sport get banned at our local spot in Pallarenda. However, the big majority of locals in the Pallarenda community is very pro kiteboarding!

By restricting kitesurfing in Pallarenda beach to a 150m area it will make it much more dangerous for us to go kiting and especially difficult for the school In the Loop to conduct safe lessons and the JCU Kiteboarding Club to excersise their activities/events.

The Councillor failed to meet at the Council’s set meeting with a representative from Intheloop Kiteboarding at the local spot to discuss the matter and is trying to get the council to change the current permit for kiteboarding to his recommendations.

We are now doing a petition against this. We appreciate your support by quickly signing the petition we have to present it in next week so it is a matter of urgency!!

Thank you for the support!

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