Ozone News Flash- Fast kites coming

Posted on by marvin

Hi, this is just a quick mail to let you know the progress of our kite program.

The Edge is coming along very well and we are very happy with the new kite and the new looks. We have refined the Edge to be faster and more powerful for all the racing and big boosting riders out there. It is still super easy to ride and has not lost the Ozone Feeling. We have worked also on slick new looks so it looks just as fast as it flies! We are very excited about the release of this kite.

Very exciting news is that we have a new closed cell high performance foil kite coming too, The Chrono. This has been tested over the past year and it has been proving to be a speed and hangtime monster, it is water re launchable and so will fit perfectly into the market for people who want a cross over land/water kite or for racers looking to get more performance even than the Edge. Yes, it is fast and goes upwind like nothing else.

Here is a sneak peek of the kite http://flyozone.com/landkites/en/news/headlines/22877

We hope to have the Chrono on the OS now.

Just in from Portugal is a slick video of the REO 2014, this kite has gone down so well this year we are very happy with the performance.

Cheers Team Ozone.

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