Notice of Race 2012 Nationals/ KTA Aus Open

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NOTICE OF RACE 2012 Australian National Titles/ KTA Australian Open


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The ISAF Racing

Rules of Sailing.

1.2 No national authority prescriptions will apply.

1.3 IKA Experimental Rules of Kiteboarding Freestyle & Racing Rules will apply.

1.4 If there is a conflict between Rules, the ISAF rules will take precedence.

Boards and riders may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.


3.1 The competition is open to all Australian residents* with a valid AKSA membership

3.2 National Titles & PKRA wild cards will only be given to Australian citizens

3.3 Eligible riders may enter by registering online through the official website or on the registration day.

3.4 The following restrictions on the number of riders apply: XX riders max for male and female freestyle – pre-qualifier will apply if required.

50 riders max for any course race – more than one race group maybe run if required >50 riders entering.


Riders: AU$ 200
Non-riders: AU$ 50 social- entry to after party/ gear demo


The sailing instructions will be available on-line or after the initial riders meeting on the first day of the event as posted on the race board

Here are official IKA rules:


The courses to be sailed will be as follows:

Freestyle – marked four point box competition area

Course Racing – appropriate course layout confirmed by the head judge in accordance with the conditions and IKA race rules.

*Australian residents: i.e., Australian residents for tax purposes, living in Australia with a valid address, that have not entered any other National Kiteboarding Competition abroad.


7.1 Registration: Online at http://aksa.com.au/Default.aspx?pageId=651617&eventId=423144&EventViewMode=EventRegistrationsList

Or on site registration the first date of the event

7.2 Registration confirmation: All riders will need to confirm their registration on the first day of the event

7.3 Event Program:

Thursday 7th June
9:00-12:00  Registration in Pallarenda beach access 14
12:00  Riders Meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda
13:00  First possible start of Freestyle or Racing
16:00  Last round of Racing/Freestyle

Friday 8th June

10:00  Riders meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda
11:00  Racing
12:00  Freestyle
19:00 Afterparty Seaview Hotel or Dead Letter Circus concert at The Venue

Saturday 9th June

9:00  Yoga session in Pallarenda Beach Access 14
10:00  Riders meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda

11:00  Racing
12:00 Freestyle
18:00 Afterparty Seaview Hotel All Ages Concert
Sunday 10th June
11:00 Riders Briefing Nelly Bay/ Magnetic Island
11.30 Possible Magnetic Is. –Townsville Race
14:00 Finishing off Freestyle/ Racing Competition

15:00  Rail Jam, Speed Challenge, Big Air, Kiteloop Contest

18:00  Possible Presentations at The Seaview Hotel
Monday June 11th
11:00 Rail Jam, Speed Challenge, Big Air, Kiteloop Contest
12:00 Possible finishing of Freestyle/Racing
18:00 End of Event

7.4 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first heat/race each day is

confirmed by the head judge in accordance with the conditions and IKA rules.


8.1 The scoring penalties will apply as defined in the ISAF/IKA race rules

8.2 Decisions of the protest committee & head judge will be final.


9.1 The scoring system for Freestyle will be as follows:

Number of Eliminations: No more than 1 single elimination will be run during the event (per category), and no more than 1 double elimination.

Scoring: A rider shall be scored while being in the designated competition area. Whether a rider is in or out of the competition area, will be at the discretion of the Judge. One or two panels of judges, each panel comprising an odd number of judges, no less than three in number, shall score each heat. The scores of the respective riders will be tabulated to get their results from that heat. Judges will not assign numerical values to tricks, but will have a shorthand notation for taking brief notes of the tricks performed on each tack during the heat. They will also write a short note with an explanation of their judgment. Watching the heat takes precedence over writing down the tricks. All judging sheets for each heat shall bear the full names or identifiable abbreviations of the judges judging the heat. The Head Judge will be able to understand the short hand notes of the individual judges and will be able to explain judgment to the riders.

The Freestyle Judging will follow the new PKRA format:

9.2 The scoring system for course racing will be as follows:

Position                              Points

1                                           1

2                                           2

3                                           3

etc etc

Did Not Finish                    Number of finishers + 1

Did Not Start                     Number of finishers + 1

DiSQualified                       Number of competitors + 2

Dependant upon the number of discards permitted, the highest then second highest scores are discarded. The lowest total score, with discards if taken into account, wins. Scores may be discarded as follows –

Number of races               Discards

1                                           0

4-6                                       1

7-10                                     2

11-15                                   3

16 and more                      4


Support boats/jetskis will be present during the event for safety & rescue.


Competitors participate in the competition entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to

Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or

personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the competiton.


Each participating should be insured with valid AKSA membership.

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