North Gambler 2014 Review

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North Gambler 2014 

One of this seasons most hyped twin tips has finally arrived on Australian shores. Leaked photos and Instagrams have been dropping sneak peaks for the past few months but finally its here and looks rad in its banana yellow skin.

The all new North Gambler 2014 coined the “BANANA” makes a statement on and off the water. There’s an overwhelming sense that this board was built to be brutally caned.

Designed for boots (Matching North Banana boots are available but can be ridden with any boots you care to bring to the party)

  • It sports a ‘huge’ amount of rocker hence the ‘Banana’ nickname.
  • Slick base construction provides a tough skin to protect the board on sliders, kickers and general beach wear and tear
  • Carbon beam construction with a Wake bottom
  • Aggressive flex + pop


The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance.


Buckets! This board pops huge. I was going massive right off the bat with minimum effort. Again this excels when powered up but it will still take you to the moon.



This board excels when powered up no doubt. I did find upwind ability a little lagging but what do you expect! Its a wake style board designed for aggressive riding and Hucking large. The fact that you go for a larger size when riding boots increases surface area so you will find it rides upwind fine. I had no issues myself.


Deep rails combine with a wakeboard like base offer up excellent grip with or without fins. It comes with 3.5cm fins as standard.



COP! The Banana is a belter of a wake style board. Finally North have delivered a board tailor made for boots, park style riding and throwing down large in kickers, flat water and even the chop.

On my third session on the Banana I am getting the board dialled in. For me this is the best North Gambler yet.


Sharp, invigorating, full of life and charisma the Banana will not disappoint.

Organise a demo from your local North dealer.

Get your Potassium fix.

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