Nationals Racing protest decision

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Kiteboard National Championships
7-11 June 2012
Protest No’s 1-10 Course Racing Division Races 1 & 2
Jordan Girdis, Damian Gough, Marvin Baumeister, Lachlan Doyle, Alty Frisby,
Sean Mauk, Jonathan Keys, Chris Argent, Alexandra Wood, Craig Wood
vs. Race Committee
Hearing at the regatta venue, Bowen on 10Th June 2012. All protests held jointly.
Protest Committee: Mark Robinson & Brendan Todd,
At the request of Craig Wood the protest committee accepted the withdrawal of his protest.
Protestors represented by themselves
Race Committee represented by RO Andrew Curnow & AKSA VP Terry Langford
1. A competitors briefing was scheduled for 8am 10 June by way of notification at a
meeting of competitors on the afternoon of 9 June. This briefing did not occur on time
and no further information was forthcoming to competitors between 8-8:30am.
2. A subsequent briefing was held at approximately 9am advising competitors that the
first start would be at 10am. At the time of the 9am briefing some competitors were
already on the water practicing due to the scheduled 8am meeting not being held and
no further official information being available and were thus unaware of the 10am
start time.
3. A number of competitors returned to shore between 9:30-10am to change kites as
the wind was dying down. Shortly after this time the majority of these sailors were
made aware of the 10am start time.
4. Race 1 started at 10:16am with approximately 5 competitors in the vicinity of the start
line (out of a total of 24 entered) in 9kts of wind. Race 2 was held immediately after
race 1 with a similar number of competitors in the vicinity of the start line and 9kts of
5. Between 9 and 10:30am the wind was sufficient for a competitor to reach the starting
area with the correct skills, equipment and wind awareness; had they been given
sufficient notice of the start time.
1. The Race Committee failed to make the on-shore flag signals and post written
notices on the official noticeboard concerning the start time of races 1 & 2 as
required by the Sailing Instructions.
2. The race officer stationed on water started and conducted the races correctly and in
accordance with the wind limits of the IKA competition rules and ISAF Race
Management guidelines.
3. A significant number of competitors were disadvantaged due to the lack of an 8am
briefing, lack of appropriate official notices and signals to inform them of the 10am
start time and were unable to make the starting area in time for both races 1 & 2.
RRS: 62.1(a), Sailing Instructions.
Races 1 & 2 are abandoned.
Mark Robinson
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