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Suitable for – Beginner  to Expert

Ideal wind directions – NW through to NE (summer)

Best tidal range – 1-2m

Max tide for safe beach launch – 2m

Accommodation – Yes

Facilities – Grassed area to pump up kites. Public toilets, bars, restaurants, fast food shops and mini-marts are all a short drive from the launch area.

Located – 1 ¾ hr drive north of Townsville


Another flatwater paradise, Lucinda has numerous sand bars that form as the tide runs in or out. This location works best in summer, when it receives strong northerly winds, unlike most areas in North QLD. It’s well worth the 1 ¾ drive from Townsville though, as there is some incredible kiting to be had and when the wind isn’t on, there is the Hinchinbrook Island National Park to explore!

Things to be aware of:

–          On low tides, basically anything less than 1m, it is a long walk out to the water!

–          Especially on low tide, watch out for mud banks containing hidden razor clams. Make sure you have Betadine in your medical kit as if you tread on one you will need to dress the cut immediately when you get back in to stop a bacterial infection from forming.

–          Especially when there is a large tidal cycle on, the tide comes in/goes out incredibly fast. Make sure you don’t leave your pump, etc lying on the sand unless you know how the tide works there.

Never ever kite anywhere near the massive sugar jetty. This is where the Hinchinbrook Channel opens into the Coral Sea and is home to ALOT of saltwater crocodiles.