Suitable for – Beginner  to Expert

Ideal wind directions – SE through to NE (autumn, winter, spring)

Best tidal range – 1-2m

Max tide for safe beach launch – 2.5m

Accommodation – No

Facilities – None

Located – 45 min drive south of Townsville


Cungulla is a freestyle/wakestyle paradise except on very high tides. On tides below 1.5m, a sandbar forms a long walk from the beach, but the flatwater lagoon that forms on the lee side of it is well worth the walk! You can power straight out of this lagoon into nice wave kickers. As the tide fills this sandbar will eventually disappear, but this is when a larger sandbar closer to the launch site creates an even bigger flat water lagoon!

Things to be aware of:

  • On low tides, basically anything less than 1m, it is a long walk out to the water!
  • Especially when there is a large tidal cycle on, the tide comes in/goes out incredibly fast. Make sure you don’t leave your pump, etc lying on the sand unless you know how the tide works there.
  • The southern (right) end of the beach is where numerous creeks empty out into. Do not kite here due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles! If you stay up the northern (right) end of the beach you should be fine.
  • Cungulla is a remote location. You need to take all of your food, water and medical supplies in with you.
  • Do not kite here in summer due to the massive presence of deadly marine stingers.
  • Avoid kiting the far southern (it’s a long way down from the launch site) area of the beach as this is where the Haughton River empties and is also home to many crocodiles.