Bushland beach

Suitable for – Beginner  to Expert

Ideal wind directions – NW through to NNE (summer)

Best tidal range – 1-2m

Max tide for safe beach launch – 2m

Accommodation – Yes

Facilities – Grassed area to pump up kites, public toilets, bar and restaurant, fast food shop and mini-mart.

Located – 20 min drive north of Townsville


Bushland beach is a freestyle/wakestyle paradise when the conditions are right. On a 1.5m tide massive flatwater lagoons around 50cm deep form, sheltered from the open ocean by large sandbars. You can power out between the gaps in the sandbars straight into waist high wave kickers, which makes for awesome wake tricks, such as 3’s 5’s, etc.

Things to be aware of:

–          On low tides, basically anything less than 1m, it is a long walk out to the water! If you are out there on a low tide, avoid the right hand side of the beach close to the open ocean as there razor clams hidden in the mud banks. Make sure you have Betadine in your medical kit as if you tread on one you will need to dress the cut immediately when you get back in to stop a bacterial infection from forming.

–          Especially when there is a large tidal cycle on, the tide comes in/goes out incredibly fast. Make sure you don’t leave your pump, etc lying on the sand unless you know how the tide works there.

–          Locals tend to fish up the northern (left) end of the beach, this is usually well away from the best areas to kite, so if they are there please stay out of their way.

–          The far southern (right) end of the beach is where the Bohle river empties into the Coral Sea. Do not kite anywhere near the mouth of the Bohle due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles! I have never heard of attacks on humans there, but have heard of dogs being taken!