Alva Beach

Alva Beach

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Suitable for – Intermediate to Expert

Ideal wind directions – SE through to NE (autumn, winter, spring)

Best tidal range – 1-2m

Max tide for safe beach launch – 2m

Accommodation – Yes

Facilities – Grassed area to pump up kites, public toilets/cold showers, surf club, small shop in caravan park.

Located – 1.5hr drive south of Townsville


Alva Beach is an incredible location. Huge main sand bars create a massive flatwater lagoon and when the tide starts to drop, especially on the northern (left) side of the beach, more and more sandbars form, creating new flatwater sections. In addition to this, there are several offshore sandbanks that create waves (as good as you will get inside the reef in North QLD) depending on the tide. The outer banks work on a low tide and the inner ones on the higher tides. Alva really is a location that has it all.

Things to be aware of:

  • This is not a beginner’s location. There is an incredibly strong current here on run-out tides and if you lose your board you need to be able to body drag quickly. Same goes if you drop your kite, get it off the water fast!
  • Due to the strong currents here, the sandbars regularly change so keep an eye out for new ones each time you ride.
  • Alva Beach is patrolled on weekends and the crew that do this do a great job. They have no dramas with kiters and have helped out many a rider in trouble before. Please follow their requests at all times.
  • If you are kiting the banks, especially the outer banks, please only do so with at least one other kiter. If you lose a board or drop your kite out here you can be in deep shit. The prevailing wind direction is usually cross shore to cross-on so you won’t get blown back into the beach and sharks certainly inhabit these waters!
  • Alva certainly isn’t a remote location, but there is only one shop at the caravan park to buy food from and as you could imagine, the selection is limited. It is recommended that you take all of your food, water and medical supplies in with you.