Shearwater Park

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Check the current weather here on BOM or Seabreeze

Suitable for – Beginner  to Expert

Ideal wind directions – 10knots + Northerly, Easterly or Southerly

Best tidal range – Lower tides work best for beginners, be careful as the tide fills in the water gets deep very fast and there can be quite a sweep generated by the current.

Max tide for safe beach launch – 2m (It is possible to launch from the grass. However it is not advised due to trees and rock wall)

Accommodation – Yes

Facilities – Grassed area to pump up kites. Nearest Public toilets, bars, restaurants, fast food shops and mini-marts are all a short drive from the launch area. (Runaway Bay Shopping Centre)

Located – 30 minutes north of Surfers Paradise. 200m from the Runaway Bay Shopping Centre


This is one of the less busy flat water spots on the Gold Coast. Good for beginners on Low tide. Can get choppy depending on the tides, works best on dead high or dead low tides as current generated by tide can be quite strong and sometimes work against the rider.

You can ride over the Broadwater to reach South Stradbroke Island, or run a down-winder to or from SeaWorld.

Park vehicles and pump up kites in the grassed area near the car park, and then walk down to the sandy beach to rig and launch.

Things to be aware of:

–          On high tides, basically anything over than 1.5m, it can get very deep very quick!

–          Watch out for boats, as this is a heavily used boating channel. If you are not confident rider stay close to shore and do not ride within the channel.

–          Especially when there is a large tidal cycle on, the tide comes in/goes out incredibly fast. Make sure you don’t leave your pump, etc lying on the sand unless you know how the tide works there.

–           Stingrays are also occasionally  around the shallow sand flats. They will only sting you if you step directly on to them. So, if you are doing a lot of walking in shallow water while kiting, then do the stingray shuffle – keeping the feet close to the bottom, rather than stomping around. Also making a bit of a commotion in the water before touching the bottom is a good idea – the ray will sense the vibrations and swim away before your foot lands on it.