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Suitable for – Expert

Gold Coast Waterways Authority asks you not to use the waters within the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek for kite surfing activities, unless it is for the launching or retrieval of kite surfing equipment to access ocean waters seaward of the entrance to Currumbin Creek

**Please respect these rules – GCWA is aware of various rules, regulations, codes of conducts, covering kite-surfing that are in operation elsewhere and that, if applied to the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek, would not permit kite surfing activities in the area.

Ideal wind directions – 10knots + only works on a Northerly or NE

Best tidal range – Incoming tides work best, be careful as the tide fills in the water gets deep very fast and there can be quite a sweep generated by the current. BE CAREFUL & Always launch with the kite facing the water

Accommodation – Yes

Facilities – Nearest Public toilets, bars, restaurants, fast food shops and mini-marts are all a short drive from the launch area. (Palm Beach)

Located – 30 minutes south of Surfers Paradise. Take the exit after the bridge leaving Palm Beach, or pull off into the carpark before the bridge and setup on the Beach side


This is another of the more busy flat water spots on the Gold Coast, it has some nice flat water behind the sandbar, and a nice surf point break at the tip which can get some super smooth waves.

Be careful not to kite too far into the lagoon, as the wind tends to be obstructed by the trees the further you get in.

It works best on an out going tide and you can just set up on the sand near the car park in the estuary, play in the flat water for a while then head out into the waves.

Currumbin can get super busy on weekends, so make sure you are a confident rider, and be careful on the swimmers who tend to be all over the place. Be Polite and always give the public right of way .  (We don’t want our sport banned 🙂

You can also park and launch from the Palm Beach side

Things to be aware of:

–          On high tides, basically anything over than 1.5m, it can get very deep very quick!

–          The current can get super strong on incoming/outgoing tides so be careful to retrieve your board quickly if you lose it.

–          Watch out for boats and jet skis, as this is a heavily used boating channel. If you are not confident rider stay close to shore and do not ride within the channel.

–          Especially when there is a large tidal cycle on, the tide comes in/goes out incredibly fast. Make sure you don’t leave your pump, etc lying on the sand unless you know how the tide works there.