Children Lessons

The kids program is designed to be fun and teach the kids the basic kite flying skills. sharing these skills with young kids helps prepare them of wind powered sports as they grow, and master the necessary skills. Our youngest 3 kiters are 6 and 8  years old and it is amazing to see them out there riding.
Kids are special, and they are fast learners.
We have lots of experience teaching kite flying to young children. Our instructors have specialty training and a blue card to prepare them  for our kids program. We have specialty clinics, and activities, and mixed family sessions. Kids lessons are shorter than adult lessons, usually lasting between one and two hours. Siblings, friends and families can learn together as a fun group activity.
We use special equipment for the kits lessons.

Kids first day Kids are very impressionable, and forming a positive first impression, is vital in shaping their attitudes to the wind and water for the rest of their lives. The first day is one of the most important in a kids Kiteboarding career. Many newcomers will decide on this day whether this is the right sport for them or not. Much depends on the experiences that kids will have in the first few hours or even minutes. At Intheloop we know how important your kids first day is, and we do our very best to give kids a safe, fun and empowering experience.

Everybody is different: Kiteboarding combines two skill sets, “Kite Flying”, and “Board Riding”. Some children will have some of these skills from other sports like wakeboard, snowboard, sailing, windsurf or flying basic kites.  Even skateboarding skills are an advantage.

LESSON ONE: Kite Skills. We start with the trainer kite on land to teach kids the steering reflexes that are so important to successful kite-flying. The trainer kite is smaller than the full size kite kids will be using in the next steps. The trainer kite allows kids to experiment with the wind and get the feel for the kite. During this process kids will also learn about wind direction, flying in the wind window, using power-zones. Bigger kids will be using the harness and using the other safety systems. (non-swimmers welcome)
LESSON TWO: Water Skills. We move onto the larger inflatable kite. The inflatable kites are what we use in the water because they float and are able to be relaunched. Kids will discover how to handle the kite and use kite power to return to the beach and to provide locomotion. We show the correct way to set up the equipment and how to use the various safety systems. All students will wear a life jacket and harness. Then moving from the land to the water kids will learn how to launch the kite safely. The instructor takes them on a tandem run in the water. The instructor flies the kite first, demonstrating the techniques. Students then learn to fly the kite on the water without the board.  This is called body dragging. Kids will fly away from shore, and surf a downwind course and return to the beach and self-exit. Next kids learn to steer the kite “single-handed” while using the harness. (must be confident in water)
LESSON THREE: Board Skills. Kids will learn how to launch with the board, and how to recover the board in deep water. Kids will learn board handling skills, and the Theory of the waterstart. The waterstart combines the board skills with the kite-flying skills. As kids gain experience using the board and kite together kids will begin to pop up on the board and start to ride a short distance.