Land of Lahara- Papua New Guinea 2012 1st Kitesurf Adventure

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Our 1st kiteboarding adventure charter in 2012 on the Golden Dawn for 9 days traveling out east of Alotau towards some remote islands and reef systems. We scored excellent weather conditions with steady 20 knots SE trades and sensational water.

credits Jason Pini

Our plan was to push hard and cover nearly 500km going to 2 spots a day. But that all came to an end on the 3rd day when we anchored up to a lagoon so picture perfect there would have been a mutiny if the capt had pulled up the anchor.

This part of PNG seems to be an endless arrangement of low lying atolls punctuated by some massive towering islands. It felt like every stop had something special to offer, from compact shallow lagoons. km long sand bars and shallow coral reefs teeming with life and disappearing into the blue depths.

the local villagers were extremely happy to see us and share their way of life. one old man was so overcome that we had chosen his island to stay he wanted to kill a pig and have a feast.

I mixed up my time with kiting, diving, photography and playing with the family. 1 good kite sesh each day was enough for me. the diving was sensational and right off the boat where we were kiting. -Words by Jason P.

Our 2nd trip 27 August to 5th September will explore even further reefs and areas in the outer reefs and Louisiades in Papua New Guinea in the hunt for epic flatwater locations and nice waves.

On the next coming trips we still have a few spots available so if you are keen to experience the trip of a lifetime then get in touch with us soon!


Photos by Jason and Kelly Pini

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