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Kite Race BoardNils is owner and shaper of NJS Designs that has been the leader of Kite race Board design since the beginning. Nils is building one of the fastest Raceboards out there right now- the brand new CF 2013.

Top Quality Kite Race Board

Nils has tested the new North Ltd and Mikes Lab boards and has found his new board is easier to ride and faster (especially downwind) due to its finer entry nose/rail shape and a pointed nose.

The CF 2013 Kite Race Board is the latest NJS design for high performance kiteboard course racing. The main objectives of the new CF 2013 Kite Race Boards are to blend increased upwind ability and stable high speed control on the downwind and cross wind. To achieve this, many aspects of the CF2013 are refined including fin box placement, outline, and the wide point of the board. NJS is also utilizing state of the art CAD technology in all of our boards to guarantee exact NJS design specifications for each board produced plus Nils extensive experience through testing and his own passion for kite racing. All the above combined with feedback from NJS Designs team members and hundreds of hours of GPS speed testing has allowed NJS Designs to achieve the ultimate racing board.

NJS CF 2013 Kite Raceboard- Specifications

Check out these specs for the new NJS 2013 Kite Race Board

Length: 187cm
Width: 69cm
Fins: 3 boxs
Construction: Sandwich Carbon CNC with veneer reinforced heel areas
Weight: 5.4kg

Intheloop Kiteboarding is the exclusive importer for NJS Designs and we are about to place another order with Cobra for Australia for this brand new CF 2013 board. Join the team and be the fastest at your next race.

NJS 2013 - Kite Racing Board
Payment Payment for the NJS Kite Race Board of 50% is due at order and final payment before delivery. The lead-time from order 2 months, expected delivery to customers in Australia is mid December. The order deadline for this next production run at Cobra is this Sunday Sep, 24th 4pm. We recommend that you place an order now because the stock will not last long and the lead times to order will increase a lot due to the high demand of the NJS Design CF2013.

Deck pads and foots traps are included.
Fins are not included but we recommend Tetronic fins.

Check out this NJS Kite Race Board Video


Well thats it for me.  Marvin from In the Loop Kiteboarding.  Anyway, we are going to be running full force with these boards this summer.  We are completely confident that we are on to a primo product here.

So check us out, or if you live a little further north, check out the boys at Kiteboarding Cairns Australia – KBC.

Keep it rolling!


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4 Responses to NJS Designs- CF 2013 Kite Race Board

  1. Mike Walker says:

    hey marv, So whats the price – good idea to bulk buy/ship.

    speak soon


    • marvin says:

      Hi Mike,

      Retail will be around $1800 including pads/straps.
      I will email you WS and team prices.

      Cant wait to Race with you mate, been a long time since we caught up.
      Try to talk Andy Y. into racing while he is on the Sunny Coast for his holiday 😉

  2. Awesome Marv. Looks like a great board. Looking forward to getting the Cairns crew on the program

  3. AussieRacer says:

    Last week the Ozone boss sent out an email to all Ozone dealers strongly recommending the NJS boards.

    Here are some things he wrote:

    ”One of the difficulties facing the Race scene at the moment is getting hold of the fastest race boards to go with our EDGE race winning machines.
    We are riding the CF6 and we have been fortunate to also have a Mikes Lab to compare to. Both boards are by far the leading race boards currently available..”

    “I am riding one of the 1st batch of production NJS CF6’s from Cobra and its seriously fast, even Mikes Lab himself at Sherman Island just before the USA Championships back to backed with his friend Nils and came in saying to us all the CF6 was faster especially easier downwind.

    This is exactly what I have found, the CF6 is far easier to ride = faster thanks to its finer entry nose/rail shape and a pointed nose, not a blunt nose like the ML.

    I am entered for the Worlds and have the luxury of choosing which board to take. Both are excellent & ML also have their 1st production order with Cobra being made as I tap but I’ve decided to compete with the NJS CF6 at the Worlds as it has made me faster.”

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