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If you are looking for the ultimate kiting experience come and fly out with us.

We are now selling 7day trips to Papua New Guinea during the windy season from May to late October on our luxury diving vessel the MV Golden Dawn.

PNG- The Lure ( taken from the Kiteworld mag travel guide 2010)

For the adventurous kiter, a trip here is an expereince never to be forgotten. Take a seven day boat trip on the MV Golden Dawn, or stay on the Trobiand Islands; a remarkable collection of scattered atolls and coral reefs. Natural wilderness, breataking landscapes, fascinating mystery, lost cultures, tropical jungles and very happy and welcoming people await you. “Yea but is it breezy mate?” you ask. If consistent 18-25knts trade winds are on your holiday agenda, blowing over warm, tropical and uncrowded waters, then get booking.

Choose the boat cruise and the crew will guide you to the best kiting beaches and then follow you on epic downwinders as you explore the coast and reefs.

Quotes of people that have done the trip:

2008 OZ Junior Champion and Airush team Rider Michael Bell: “PNG is truly the most amazing placve i have been to. scenerey is absolutely breath taking, the kiting conditions world class, the culture, experiencing the unexpected and the local people are amongst the freindliest i have ever met. I can talk for hours while you should visit this countrybut i am sure the experience that i have just shared with you is more than reason enough ( Australian Kiteboarder, Volume 10/ Issue 2).