Papua New Guinea Kiteboarding

Papua New Guinea is the “last frontier” and the ultimate kiting experience with some of the most consistent trade winds in the world.

The most exciting place in Papua New Guinea for Kiteboarding is definitely Hula Village where PNG’s first kiteboarder Nigel Matapere and PNG’s first kiteboarding School is based.  Benny R Kali runs the kiteboarding lesson there and is PNG only Kiteboarding instructor that is making local young kiterboarders by the day! Benny also offer lessons in Port Moresby.
Hula Village is a fairly big Village which is located 2 hours South of Moresby and the Mecca of kiteboarding in PNG.
It is located on a point reaching out into the the ocean surrounded by Reef. You find some really good waves, superior clear and turquoise flat water there. Its a huge playing field and Hula and its people are simply awesome.

Hula also lies in a wind belt that similar to the outer reefs like lizard island in North Queensland never stops blowing. Moresby can have 5knots and Hula will be pumping knots.
Hula blows non stop from April till October- make sure you pack your small kites!

Pom Moresby got some great kiting at Taurama Beach which is inside of an army base. Landowner and Big Boss Willy is a legend and stoked to have the kiters on his beach.

Please be careful when launching in high tide. Also there are some corals, sea-urchins and sticks in the water.

Next to Taurama you fins some nice waves on the reef of Sero beach. Launching is very sketchy from Sero  due to wind coming over the hill so we recommend to launch from Taurama and kite to the next bay.

Please email Benny and his crew to enquire about lessons in PNG

kiteboardingpng at gmail.com

We are are also offering 7-14 day trips to Papua New Guinea during the windy season from May to late October on our luxury diving vessel the MV Golden Dawn.

PNG – The Lure

For the adventurous kiter, a trip here is an expereince never to be forgotten. Take a boat trip on the MV Golden Dawn, and you could cruise through the Trobiand Islands, a remarkable collection of scattered atolls and coral reefs. Natural wilderness, breath-taking landscapes, fascinating mystery, lost cultures, tropical jungles and very happy and welcoming people await you. “Yeah but is it breezy mate?” you ask. If consistent 18-25knts trade winds are on your holiday agenda, blowing over warm, tropical and uncrowded waters, then get booking.

Choose the boat cruise and the crew will guide you to the best kiting beaches, and then follow you on epic downwinders as you explore the coast and reefs and their breaks. Diving and fishing is also availableon board the MV Golden Dawn at some of the most amazing sites in the South Pacific Ocean.

Quotes of people that have done the trip:

2008 OZ Junior Champion and Airush team Rider Michael Bell: “PNG is truly the most amazing place I have been to. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking, the kiting conditions are world class, and the culture is amazing. You are constantly experiencing the unexpected and the local people are amongst the friendliest I have ever met. I can talk for hours about why you should visit this country, but I am sure the experience that I have just shared with you is more than reason enough” (Australian Kiteboarder, Volume 10/ Issue 2).

Ewan Jaspen 2009 Junior 2nd, Open Men 3rd, “Just an unreal trip, cant wait to go back”.

Keahi De Aboitiz 2009 junior Champion, 2nd Open Men, “I had a great time, top conditions and the boat is awesome, loved the food and crew, wreck kiting was special”.

3 meals per day and fresh water are included as well as transfers to and from the airport.

We offer gear hire, lessons from beginner to expert on the trips as well a diving, snorkelling and fishing.

You will fly into the capital of PNG, Port Moresby from Oz and then transfer straight to our boat, The MV Golden Dawn.

We have a 50kg gear allowance with Air Nuigini for you to bring as much gear on board as possible.

Trip dates for 2012 are as follows:

2014 Cruises:

please enquire about the dates you like to come. We will try to cater for your preferred dates and email us.