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2013 North Rebel 1st Review

The Rebel has not been changed much this year everybody tells me, little tweaks here and there, new one pump, new strut design no big changes. Thats cool as 2012 Rebel was very popular and I didnt spend time at the dealer meeting because i fell in love with the the Vegas.
I was pretty ready to spend some quality time with the ‘good old’ new Rebel today and especially keen to try the bigger sizes. I rode 10,11,12,13 and 14m in 12-18knts and liked them all.
I leave a proper review to others but here few points i like to mention to start discussion: 
Generally the 2013 Rebel feels lighter to fly.
Less bar pressure and more response on bar input on bigger 12,13 and 14 sizes. My favourite size was the 13m in todays conditions. In my opinion it turns as quick as the 2012 Rebel.
I think they have managed to make the sizes 12,13 and 14 faster. Especially the 14m doesnt feel like a truck anymore like 2010,2011 models.
This years Rebel sits a bit further forward in wind window than last years i reckon.

My recommendations for 2013 is to go one size bigger than last years Rebel in the sizes in 12,13,14m 
Overall fully sick them big Rebels if we only had 25knts and the 8m out…

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2013 Ozone Edge Review

Today i got to the new 2013 Ozone Edge. I used it on 25m lines and 27m lines.
At first glance when unpacking i liked that the edge had fresher graphics and a the bag is in black and green. No biggie but a nice first impression is always good.

Looking at the kite i recognised that the struts were thick on top and then thin out towards the endings. This will save a bit of weight and make the kite look sexy!?

The frontline bridal lines are super thin and also add to reducing weight..
First time is have seen the IKA tag for a registered kite. I guess you can use it in the Olympics.

When i flew the kite it felt good. You can point very high upwind and the Edge 2013 has significantly more power and less canopy flap than its older models. It sits rock solid in the sky. However, i felt like the drag downwards was a bit more than last years.
The ’13 Edge is fast and solid in the sky. It feels like the 2012 just got super charged. The power development is smooth keeps building progressive as your board speed increases. The 2013 is less prone to over-sheeting compared to the 2012 model.
I also felt that the kite is a bit snappier when steering which i liked especially going downwind.
It handles gusts well and you got a lot of range with the depower strap on racebar which is nice when you get hit with a bullet.

I really like the bar pressure and the big range of power available on the bar which allows you to push hard into your harness and on your fins.

I did not get the chance to relaunch the kite. i hope there has been an improvement as i found it hard and time consuming to relaunch the 2012 Edges, especially in light winds.
Overall a good first riding impression. I felt comfi straight away and  I am stoked on the 2013 Ozone Edge – a very balanced and super fast, powerful and fun kite to fly.

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Land of Lahara- Papua New Guinea 2012 1st Kitesurf Adventure

Our 1st kiteboarding adventure charter in 2012 on the Golden Dawn for 9 days traveling out east of Alotau towards some remote islands and reef systems. We scored excellent weather conditions with steady 20 knots SE trades and sensational water.

credits Jason Pini

Our plan was to push hard and cover nearly 500km going to 2 spots a day. But that all came to an end on the 3rd day when we anchored up to a lagoon so picture perfect there would have been a mutiny if the capt had pulled up the anchor.

This part of PNG seems to be an endless arrangement of low lying atolls punctuated by some massive towering islands. It felt like every stop had something special to offer, from compact shallow lagoons. km long sand bars and shallow coral reefs teeming with life and disappearing into the blue depths.

the local villagers were extremely happy to see us and share their way of life. one old man was so overcome that we had chosen his island to stay he wanted to kill a pig and have a feast.

I mixed up my time with kiting, diving, photography and playing with the family. 1 good kite sesh each day was enough for me. the diving was sensational and right off the boat where we were kiting. -Words by Jason P.

Our 2nd trip 27 August to 5th September will explore even further reefs and areas in the outer reefs and Louisiades in Papua New Guinea in the hunt for epic flatwater locations and nice waves.

On the next coming trips we still have a few spots available so if you are keen to experience the trip of a lifetime then get in touch with us soon!


Photos by Jason and Kelly Pini

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Petition to ban Kiteboarding in Pallarenda Beach

Local Dep Mayor recommending to Council to ban kiteboarders because of petition by 27 people that feel at risk with ‘kites and wires laying on the beach’ and ‘kites flying’ in Pallarenda.
Basically they want to restrict us to about 120m beach between access 13 and 14.
They also want Intheloop kiteboarding to teach in the same area.

More here:
Todays article in Townsville Bulletin:


Some Comments below are pretty funny

Townsville Online:

reader comments:

As a regular user of Palleranda I would be happy to sign a petition to KEEP the Kite boarders, I love watchig them there in what would otherwise be an empty beach on a windy day. How much beach do these “27” want anyway!!!

Posted by: Raymo of The ‘ville 11:42pm Friday
As a visiting competitor from Victoria to your awesome beach and great town I am shocked to hear about this ban. 27 residents complained about the kite boarders… Jeez. Look I loved kiting there and was planning on bringing my family for a holiday back there. Shame there are a lot more beaches I can go to and not have that hassle in Oz. You are throwing tourist dollars away.

Posted by: Allen of Victoria 7:23pm Friday

This is just stupid! Leave the kiteboarders alone! Those 27 people need to get a life! Seriously there are bigger problems in this town than law abiding people that are having fun on their days off!

Posted by: Lauren of North Ward 6:08pm Friday
I am not a kitesurfer and I think this is a ridiculous suggestion. I have never felt endangered by kitesurfers down at Pallarenda. If you want to promote Townsville as a kiteboarding destination, especially for the big competitions we get, this is a counter-productive move. I have never heard of any incidents involving kiteboarders on pallarenda but you can bet it will start happening if they only allowed 150m of beach to start and end from.

Posted by: Leah of QLD 4:35pm Friday
Watching the kiteboarders is one of the major reasons I and many others go to Pallaranda, they are enjoyable to watch and I have never seen anything dangerous. They ussually all stick to a reasonable stretch anyway and I dont see why all of these people should be banned. I dont see why a petition with just 27 signatures should even be considered so seriously by council, to ban all of these people based on a petition signed by such a small minority is just ridiculous. There are far many more dangerous things going on around the city that we should be focused on rather than preventing people from participating in a great sport on a near empty beach.

Posted by: WIlliam Stone 3:37pm Friday

Our online petition against this.

Townsville, Australia, 16/08/2012
Councillor V Veitch tabled a petition to the Townsville City Council requesting that Kite Boarding in Pallarenda be restricted to an area of 150m and the current Kiteboarding permits with CASA and the local council along Pallarenda Beach be reviewed. It is a ridiculously small area looking at over 200 local kiters, learners and tourists using the location on a regular basis without any issues with the public in over 10 years.
Basically a few residents (27 that signed the Petition) want to see our our sport get banned at our local spot in Pallarenda. However, the big majority of locals in the Pallarenda community is very pro kiteboarding!

By restricting kitesurfing in Pallarenda beach to a 150m area it will make it much more dangerous for us to go kiting and especially difficult for the school In the Loop to conduct safe lessons and the JCU Kiteboarding Club to excersise their activities/events.

The Councillor failed to meet at the Council’s set meeting with a representative from Intheloop Kiteboarding at the local spot to discuss the matter and is trying to get the council to change the current permit for kiteboarding to his recommendations.

We are now doing a petition against this. We appreciate your support by quickly signing the petition we have to present it in next week so it is a matter of urgency!!

Thank you for the support!

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2013 Cabrinha Chaos

Few photos of the brand new Cabrinha bridled c-kite called the Chaos.

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2013 North Kiteboarding/Fanatic Sup Demo Townsville

North and Fanatic are bringing exciting gear range in 2013.

All new 2013 FANATIC Stand Up Paddle boards will be in Townsville so we are doing a sweet Demo with the boards/paddles from 10am-12 at the Strand near the Rock-pool.

Then from 1pm-5pm we will do the 2013 NORTH Kiteboarding (new Rebel, Vegas, all Twintips and some directionals) in Pallarenda berach access 14!

here is a little preview of the boards:

Come down and try the awesome new gear and get stoked!

We see you there 🙂

If people are keen we can go have a few beers and a feed at Molly Malones Irish Pub Afterwards.

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Nationals Racing protest decision

Kiteboard National Championships
7-11 June 2012
Protest No’s 1-10 Course Racing Division Races 1 & 2
Jordan Girdis, Damian Gough, Marvin Baumeister, Lachlan Doyle, Alty Frisby,
Sean Mauk, Jonathan Keys, Chris Argent, Alexandra Wood, Craig Wood
vs. Race Committee
Hearing at the regatta venue, Bowen on 10Th June 2012. All protests held jointly.
Protest Committee: Mark Robinson & Brendan Todd,
At the request of Craig Wood the protest committee accepted the withdrawal of his protest.
Protestors represented by themselves
Race Committee represented by RO Andrew Curnow & AKSA VP Terry Langford
1. A competitors briefing was scheduled for 8am 10 June by way of notification at a
meeting of competitors on the afternoon of 9 June. This briefing did not occur on time
and no further information was forthcoming to competitors between 8-8:30am.
2. A subsequent briefing was held at approximately 9am advising competitors that the
first start would be at 10am. At the time of the 9am briefing some competitors were
already on the water practicing due to the scheduled 8am meeting not being held and
no further official information being available and were thus unaware of the 10am
start time.
3. A number of competitors returned to shore between 9:30-10am to change kites as
the wind was dying down. Shortly after this time the majority of these sailors were
made aware of the 10am start time.
4. Race 1 started at 10:16am with approximately 5 competitors in the vicinity of the start
line (out of a total of 24 entered) in 9kts of wind. Race 2 was held immediately after
race 1 with a similar number of competitors in the vicinity of the start line and 9kts of
5. Between 9 and 10:30am the wind was sufficient for a competitor to reach the starting
area with the correct skills, equipment and wind awareness; had they been given
sufficient notice of the start time.
1. The Race Committee failed to make the on-shore flag signals and post written
notices on the official noticeboard concerning the start time of races 1 & 2 as
required by the Sailing Instructions.
2. The race officer stationed on water started and conducted the races correctly and in
accordance with the wind limits of the IKA competition rules and ISAF Race
Management guidelines.
3. A significant number of competitors were disadvantaged due to the lack of an 8am
briefing, lack of appropriate official notices and signals to inform them of the 10am
start time and were unable to make the starting area in time for both races 1 & 2.
RRS: 62.1(a), Sailing Instructions.
Races 1 & 2 are abandoned.
Mark Robinson
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Forecast for the Nationals/ Australian Open

Forecast is shaping up.
Once the low moves off the south east coast we are looking pretty good from Thursday 7th June onwards.


What is your take on the wind forecast?

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KTA Withdrawal of Townsville Event

To whom it may concern:
Press Release Withdraw of KTA (Kitetour Asia)

Press Release:
Withdraw KTA Australia

After losing our naming sponsor for the KTA Australia event the KTA withdrew their sanctioning of the event due to financial limitations. We are extremely regretful of these circumstances!
We have tried everything possible to keep the KTA event as part of the 2012 Australian National Race and Freestyle Titles next long weekend from 7-11 June in Townsville, Queensland, but were unsuccessful in securing another sponsor to pay for KTA Team admin costs, sanction fees, KTA travel , accommodation costs that were not negotiable with the KTA. We tried to find a solution with the KTA which was unsuccessful.

The 2012 Australian National Titles will go ahead as planned.
All international riders will still be able to participate in the Racing and Freeride events, when registering for the event.
Price money is still being offered for the competitions.

Marvin Baumeister
(Jcu Kiteboarding Club)

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Notice of Race 2012 Nationals/ KTA Aus Open

NOTICE OF RACE 2012 Australian National Titles/ KTA Australian Open


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The ISAF Racing

Rules of Sailing.

1.2 No national authority prescriptions will apply.

1.3 IKA Experimental Rules of Kiteboarding Freestyle & Racing Rules will apply.

1.4 If there is a conflict between Rules, the ISAF rules will take precedence.

Boards and riders may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.


3.1 The competition is open to all Australian residents* with a valid AKSA membership

3.2 National Titles & PKRA wild cards will only be given to Australian citizens

3.3 Eligible riders may enter by registering online through the official website or on the registration day.

3.4 The following restrictions on the number of riders apply: XX riders max for male and female freestyle – pre-qualifier will apply if required.

50 riders max for any course race – more than one race group maybe run if required >50 riders entering.


Riders: AU$ 200
Non-riders: AU$ 50 social- entry to after party/ gear demo


The sailing instructions will be available on-line or after the initial riders meeting on the first day of the event as posted on the race board

Here are official IKA rules:


The courses to be sailed will be as follows:

Freestyle – marked four point box competition area

Course Racing – appropriate course layout confirmed by the head judge in accordance with the conditions and IKA race rules.

*Australian residents: i.e., Australian residents for tax purposes, living in Australia with a valid address, that have not entered any other National Kiteboarding Competition abroad.


7.1 Registration: Online at http://aksa.com.au/Default.aspx?pageId=651617&eventId=423144&EventViewMode=EventRegistrationsList

Or on site registration the first date of the event

7.2 Registration confirmation: All riders will need to confirm their registration on the first day of the event

7.3 Event Program:

Thursday 7th June
9:00-12:00  Registration in Pallarenda beach access 14
12:00  Riders Meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda
13:00  First possible start of Freestyle or Racing
16:00  Last round of Racing/Freestyle

Friday 8th June

10:00  Riders meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda
11:00  Racing
12:00  Freestyle
19:00 Afterparty Seaview Hotel or Dead Letter Circus concert at The Venue

Saturday 9th June

9:00  Yoga session in Pallarenda Beach Access 14
10:00  Riders meeting Robertson Park, Pallarenda

11:00  Racing
12:00 Freestyle
18:00 Afterparty Seaview Hotel All Ages Concert
Sunday 10th June
11:00 Riders Briefing Nelly Bay/ Magnetic Island
11.30 Possible Magnetic Is. –Townsville Race
14:00 Finishing off Freestyle/ Racing Competition

15:00  Rail Jam, Speed Challenge, Big Air, Kiteloop Contest

18:00  Possible Presentations at The Seaview Hotel
Monday June 11th
11:00 Rail Jam, Speed Challenge, Big Air, Kiteloop Contest
12:00 Possible finishing of Freestyle/Racing
18:00 End of Event

7.4 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first heat/race each day is

confirmed by the head judge in accordance with the conditions and IKA rules.


8.1 The scoring penalties will apply as defined in the ISAF/IKA race rules

8.2 Decisions of the protest committee & head judge will be final.


9.1 The scoring system for Freestyle will be as follows:

Number of Eliminations: No more than 1 single elimination will be run during the event (per category), and no more than 1 double elimination.

Scoring: A rider shall be scored while being in the designated competition area. Whether a rider is in or out of the competition area, will be at the discretion of the Judge. One or two panels of judges, each panel comprising an odd number of judges, no less than three in number, shall score each heat. The scores of the respective riders will be tabulated to get their results from that heat. Judges will not assign numerical values to tricks, but will have a shorthand notation for taking brief notes of the tricks performed on each tack during the heat. They will also write a short note with an explanation of their judgment. Watching the heat takes precedence over writing down the tricks. All judging sheets for each heat shall bear the full names or identifiable abbreviations of the judges judging the heat. The Head Judge will be able to understand the short hand notes of the individual judges and will be able to explain judgment to the riders.

The Freestyle Judging will follow the new PKRA format:

9.2 The scoring system for course racing will be as follows:

Position                              Points

1                                           1

2                                           2

3                                           3

etc etc

Did Not Finish                    Number of finishers + 1

Did Not Start                     Number of finishers + 1

DiSQualified                       Number of competitors + 2

Dependant upon the number of discards permitted, the highest then second highest scores are discarded. The lowest total score, with discards if taken into account, wins. Scores may be discarded as follows –

Number of races               Discards

1                                           0

4-6                                       1

7-10                                     2

11-15                                   3

16 and more                      4


Support boats/jetskis will be present during the event for safety & rescue.


Competitors participate in the competition entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to

Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or

personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the competiton.


Each participating should be insured with valid AKSA membership.

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