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Sail Townsville NOR

Sail Townsville – Notice of Race released!

The inaugural Sail Townsville event is fast approaching and is shaping up to be a focal point on the 2013 sailing calendar. The event running from 24 August until 3 September will be a culmination of SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week, ‘Townsville Alive’ a mainland Community, Arts and Entertainment Festival and a Yachting Queensland Multi-Class Regatta. Yachting Queensland has worked hard to be able to run championship events, securing five events as well as a Discover Sailing Week. The Townsville Sailing Club in conjunction with Yachting Queensland invites all sailors to attend the event that will be conducted on the pristine waters of Cleveland Bay. The regatta is open to all ‘off the beach’ classes and includes the Queensland F18 State Championships, Queensland Taser State Championships, Kite Townsville Championships, Sail Townsville Open Dinghy Regatta and the North Queensland Youth Championships. Further, the Discover Sailing Week will give over 500 primary school children the opportunity to experience how safe and fun sailing is.

The Notice of Race for these events is now available online. Please visit the Yachting Queensland website to view the Notice of Race and event information and registration. Sail Townsville will provide a massive boost for sailing and is certainly an event not to be missed!

Please contact Lyndsey Wessel (sportdevelopment@qldyachting.org.au) if you would like more information.

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Rider Profile – Marvin Baumeister

Race Freak

Hi Andrew Bamford here from Kiteboarding Cairns – KBC

I haven’t planned this blog – Just decided to write a speel on my good mate Marvin from down in the Ville (Townsville) cos I know he’s obsessed with Kite Racing.  Anyway, I was scanning  the facebook profiles as you do and I saw a photo of this dude on fire. I reckon its the best race photo I’ve ever seen.  The  guy is rippin!Rottnest to Leighton Red Bull Race.

First of all,  I want to personally thank Marvin for recently coming up to Cairns with Rach and the IntheLoop team and running an awesome kite racing  clinic.  Marv brought former freestyle World Champ Andy Yates with him to run the freestyle clinic, so a great big thank you goes out to Andy for his time and devotion he gave to the Freestyle Clinic.  Andy is an awesome coach, amazing rider and an all round top guy!

Back to Marv

Marvin has been into racing now for the last two years, and it wasn’t until he came up to Cairns and actually showed us what can be done with racing that I really started to understand it.  Ripping up wind, downwind, here, there and every where is where its at on this race equipment.  Marv is clocking speeds of over 75 km an hour on a race board!  Sick!!

Why Racing?

Marvin “I always raced- bikes, cars. Like chasing people and going fast.”

Andrew ” Hahaha”
Rottnest to Leighton Red Bull Race

What you like about it?

Marvin – “The speed and the hectic racing around the course on kites. Kiteboard racing is so much fun and the speed we get upwind on a reach and off the breeze is amazing. You can do double the wind speeds in light winds and you can race in 6 knots. I also like playing around with different set ups and test lots of stuff.”

Andrew – ” 6 Knots.  That’s unreal.  Yeah I’ve seen you ripping out there in next to nothing while the rest of the twin tip crew are sitting on the beach doing zilch.  I noticed you love faffin round with the set ups.  We spent a fair bit of time at the clinic going over that stuff.  What I realised is that is a heck of a lot more to the tuning side of things than  meets the eye.”

How you got into it?

Marvin – “I saw it in Germany and then tried a raceboard through my friend Eneour who was already racing. Then I competed at 2011 nationals and got 2nd place behind Johnno Keys from WA.”

Andrew  – “Dude that’s awesome.  You must have been one of the first to kick it off in Aussie.  Unreal how you came second for the whole nation.”

Are you addicted to it?

Marvin – “Yeah I’d say so but I still love freestyle, wakestyle and big boosting but racing has become priority in my kiting right now.

Andrew  – ” Awesome!  I see you mix it up a bit sometimes.  Like in doing massive boosts with the raceboard. LOL.”

Where is it heading?

Marvin – “Around the world and to the Olympics sooner or later. There is no doubt about it as we are the fastest sailing class out there.  We are already seeing some awesome events taking place in the racing circuit such as the Rottnest to Leighton Red Bull Race“.

Andrew – ” Yeah, hopefully  it will make the Olympics next time round!  Yeah apparently the Rottnest to Leighton Red Bull Race is the longest race in Australia, quite an event.”

How do I get into it?

Marvin – “Get some good gear and advice from somebody that is an expert. Then start slow and build up your speed in time. Be careful those fins are pretty sharp and dangerous.”

Andrew – “Yeah I’ve just started training on the NJS, promoing it to the locals.  Its a bit different to what i thought.  but once your up and riding it feels awesome.

Worst Moments?

Marvin – “Hitting a turtle and totalling my board and fins”

Andrew – “Bugger”

Best Moments?

Marvin – “Posting a few Bullets (means 1st places) at Sail Brisbane:

Andrew – “Nice feeling for sure!”

Summing it Up

Marvin is an inspiration and a driver of his own passion when it comes to kiteboarding. Now that Marvin is into racing, I can see he is really going  to push this sport to go places!

Thanks for the awesome guidance and training at the last clinic Marvin.  These are exactly the sorts of days we need to get this sport exposed and on the map.
Andrew- KBC

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Marvins Profile

  • Age – 32
  • Started racing – 2010
  • World RankingNumber 48
  • Sponsors – TemaVento Engineering, Intheloop Kiteboarding
  • Gear – Temavento RC70, ASV Performance XR and Ozone Edge Kites, Tectonics Maui Fins
  • Favorite Race Set UpTMV RC70 with 40/40cm and 38cm Fins, 9m Kite on 20m lines, super lit!
  • Favourite Food –Beer
  • Goal: top 10 world ranking by end of 2013 and Gold Fleet at the World Championships in China

Next regattas:

  • North American Champs in San Francisco
  • Middle American Champs in Bonaire
  • European Champs in Italy
  • KTE and PKRA Germany
  • Sail Townsville
  • Rottnest to Leighton Red Bull Race

Marvins Race Motto

Kiting is simple, racing is simply- being faster than others is hard work.

Need your website noticed?  CLICK HERE to get the ball rolling Our Web Presence.

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Ozone Zephyr 2013 Review

2013 Review By Andy Yates

Here’s a great review of the Ozone Zephyr 2013. This is a awesome write up.  So check it out!

Ozone Zephyr 2013 Review – By Andy Yates

In somewhat of a last minute decision, I was stoked to head off to New Caledonia to test the new Zephyr 17m from Ozone. I had used this kite in the past and from what little experience I had on it, I thought that it was amazing in light winds as a kite suitable for beginners only. How wrong I was…

I’ve been on C kites for my whole kiteboarding career and have never even given a bridled kite a decent go. My first few sessions on the Zephyr were in about 5-12 knots. I was absolutely amazed with the performance during these sessions and while kitesurfing alongside test rider, Torrin Bright, we were powering upwind on all sorts of boards; twintips, foils and raceboards. It was truly amazing to see the apparent wind we could generate in these marginal winds. I’m always hesitant to unhook on a kite that is not my own.

I guess you could kind of say I’m a bit anal about changing anything in my equipment. However, in this trip to New Caledonia, I wanted to prove to myself that anything is possible on any GOOD kite, provided you give it a chance. Put simply, the kite is amazing unhooked. A few sessions of practice and it was almost as if it was a scaled up C4. In about 10 knots, I was powering upwind and busting all the tricks I can do on my C4 – much better than being on the beach waiting for those extra few knots.

I say with complete honesty that the kite did everything that I wanted it to – but it wasn’t just this, it was the stability and solid feel that really impressed me.

Ozone Zephyr 2013

One session particularly stood out for me where there was a consistent 8-11 knots with perfectly flat water – duh! It’s 8 knots!! J. Anyway, I don’t think I thought about the kite once in the session – all my concentration was on the trick itself and not on what the kite was doing. I mean, that’s pretty awesome; it was almost as if it just parked itself right where I wanted it to, and when I did the trick, landed and hooked back in, it was still right there.

I don’t know about you, but this really gets me excited. Can’t say much more about the kite than say that I’m stoked on it.
Ozone Zephyr 2013.

About Andy Yates

Andy Yates is a highly accomplished freestyle and Wave kiteboarder and also achieved the title World Champion for freestyle in 2010.  Andy is also a excellent kiteboarding freestyle coach who holds freestyle clinics.

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Agnes Water to Tannum Sands

32 Nautical Miles Kites/Surfboards
Zac Bond and Duncan Kennedy
Written by Duncan
Zac originally threw the idea out there of kiting from Agnes Waters back to Tannum Sands and mentioned it to me after a usual Sunday freestyle Session at the beach.
We both decided there and then that the next strong SE wind we had we would go for it. Watching the forecast for a few weeks and getting disappointed with Southerlies that didn’t quiet strengthen, we finally had a strong wind warning that looked to kick in on a Sunday morning.
It was on. I lined up Gary Schultz, a mate I work with who is a very well experienced ocean going mariner with plenty of experience in rescue’s. Well not actually being the rescuer,  he”s usually the person being rescued, but what the hell’…he’ll have to do. He kindly drove us to Agnes with my jetski in tow just in case a swift rescue was in order. Which luckily was never needed.
Driving to Agnes, we were pumped about the journey ahead, we discussed the rare possibility of anything going wrong, comforted by the fact we had an Epirb, camel packs full if water and some protein bars. Rain clouds started to fill in the sky above us and a few light showers Dulled our hope and excitement that we might have the breeze we were after.
Arriving at Agnes Waters driving over the hill coming in to town with the ocean in full view it didn’t look all to impressive, it was overcast and only the odd white cap could be spotted on the horizon.
We decided to drive to the headland at round hill, that would be the best place to get a feel for what the wind was doing. It didn’t seem all that strong and maybe a little to South (off shore). Plan B, to get a real indication of wind strength, we launched the jet ski and Zac and I rode out about 300m from the headland, where we were greeted with at least 20kts of Southerly wind and 3m swell. It was happening!!
The jetski went back on the trailer and we drove around to the Agnes surf club that was our point of launch. With only just enough offshore breeze to get us off the beach we sailed out and we were on our way!! Once we got a fair distance offshore we were into about 20kts which increased to over 25 at times!!
Kiting past some awesome sights of Round hill, Bustard Head (the famous Bustard head lighthouse), Outer rocks and Pancake creek with a 3m swell following you and only the sound of your board cutting threw the water is and experience only kite surfers would appreciate. Plus knowing that if your gear fails or the wind drops out, your on your own, gives that constantly  looming lump in your throat that lets your know your taking a risk, followed by a type of adrenalin rush you can’t experience any other way.
The wind being dead South it was a maze of Gybes all the way up the coast, Zac and I crossing paths during each Gybe and at one stage Zac yelling out “which way do we go!!”? Easy mate keep the land on the left and your heading the right direction. There’s not much to say about the actual journey that any kite surfers reading this haven’t already experience by sailing downwind, I guess it’s more the preparation, build up to the journey and the rewarding feeling you get at the end when a group of your fellow kitesurfers are waiting on the beach for you when you get back because there’s no wind for them to kite….errr… No wind? That’s right, the short last leg of our journey from Coliseum to Tannum beach there was only about 10kts of wind!!! I was kite looping my 9m to make it to the beach, while Zac seemed to be doing ok with his 11m . Just making it back to the beach, I tried a graceful dismount from my surfboard onto the sand, my legs going to jelly from the 3 hr trip, I tripped and fell off my board with everyone watching.
Awesome Finish. Greeted first by my old man Dave, who is also a keen kitesurfer at 62years of age and still goes hard, he’s one to look up too. He shook our hands like we’d just come back from sailing around the world, he looked happier we made it than we were. It was awesome to have our friends there waiting for us. So that’s it, 9:30am – 12:30pm, 3hrs downwind on a surfboard, 32 nautical miles.
Dropping the kites We both decide its time for lunch and to get ready for an afternoon freestyle session!! You know what they say, No rest for a kitesurfer!!!!
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TemaVento R70 Race review by Jason Cane


Im personally tired of reading reviews that consist of ‘Hi i’m pimping out Griffin Kites they are the best in the world’ or ‘Liquidforce Envy is the best kite to freestyle with’. SO without further a due please find my review of the Temavento R70 race board from Italy.

I received the Temavento Friday last week, and had very high expectations. I received the board on Friday around lunch time all the way from Italy, so I was very eager to make sure it had made the journey from Italy to Australia all fine. The board was absolutely stunning, the first thing I instantly noticed that it was VERY VERY light! 5.010KG. Temavento just looks and feels tough, even though it is extremely light weight. You don’t really need to worry that your going to damage it not like other boards that feel very flimsy and brittle. The TV looks the goods as well, the orange is super tight and honestly looks great. Everything about the TV is great quality. The fin boxes sit perfectly in the board (all full carbon), the footpads are superlight weight and very tough and durable, the paint job is so light to keep weight down, the top of the board feels super strong.

One thing that really appeals to me is that these boards are HAND MADE, Jimmi (the creator of Temavento) makes only 100-115 boards in a year. I love knowing that each board is hand crafted and hand built and its not coming out of the cobra factory or some Chinese bloke is building it in Thailand.

Fins: This review has been tested with Tuned Tectonic Talons for TV. The recommended fins for TV are tectonics, so putting my talons in was perfect.
NOTE: i do need to sand the back edge of the fins because they are slightly too high for the fin box, when I fine tune my board that will be the finishing touch, currently sits about 1.00mm above the board on the back edge, front edge sits perfectly.
Another note: For most race boards i would recommend going to a bolt shop and buying specially made screws with the higher levels of nickel in them to stop rust. (last thing you want) OH and if your wondering what size to buy, its a Metric 6 for tectonic fins – 75mm screw.

The Temavento does not come with straps, so I was forced to put my north straps on it (my dakine straps are on backorder). Make sure you have a powerdrill handy because the screw box is super tight and requires some serious screwing to make sure they sit properly.

The Temavento 2012 has a scoop/rocker line that is:
Long constant scoop – flat – tail kick.
The 2012 TM is a very fast board. It just wants to sit the fins and hammer.


I found the Temavento to really push upwind really well, I was able to point quite high. Slightly higher than my north LTD, but only very slightly (the north LTD is not by any means a bad board) I found the board to ride very flat and to be very smooth. The board’s nose is quite high so jumping / bouncing over the chop is quite easy and the fins just guide you over smoothly. The board really powers upwind in the gusts and positioning is most deff the key to make sure that it continues to power upwind.


This is where I have found the Temavento to really excel. The reaching for the Temavento was by far the best I’ve ridden so far. It is extremely stable and smooth. The fins really power and the board stays rigid, flat and stable. I’ve particularly enjoyed the speed I’ve been able to get on the reaching legs on it without feeling completely terrified or feeling like at any stage I will be bucked off. (that said i’ve had some amazing stacks as well)

Its hard to really give the reaching justification as it really just hops over chop with ease, stays flat and powers along, it was really amazing to be going so fast but still fully in control.

Travelling directly downwind (being a bigger guy) has never been my favourite leg, however the TV really works on maintaining boat speed without throwing or jerking forward. I had no problems going downwind in 19knots, however like any race board when the wind gets up and the chop/swell gets bigger going down / through the waves is always going to be a difficult leg. That said it was still comfortable and stable downwind.

Gybing: Found the TV to turn sharp enough to gibe with ease.

Tacking: No issues

Overall, I really was impressed with the Temavento. Im currently now after demoing trading in my North LTD in and upgrade to the Temavento. Even with not many hours on this board i will take it to Melbourne to see what I can do. Hopefully i can get 10+ hours on the water between now and Melbourne!

I’d also like to point out- after having alot of trouble landing my tacks, if your looking for an answer to ‘why i cant tack consistently’ I found longer lines to be an absolute blessing in disguise, I added 5m to the 25m lines and all of a sudden I started nailing tacks getting into a position to drop my ass in the water then straight back up.

If your interested in Temavento I know Marvin (intheloop) and myself will both be at Melbourne to show these Orange Italian Ferrari’s off. So please come say hi to us!

The sexy Tail

TemaVento Techtonics Talon 42cm/39cm

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Aussie Kite Pro Academie- Freestyle Sessions

We are introducing our Pro Kite Academy where we are going to have sessions in Freestyle, Wakestyle and Race all throughout the year in different locations.
Keep an eye out for weekend and day camps with some of the best pro riders and coaches to improve your riding.
Limited slots are available for each session. Please touch base with us via email or call prior to the sessions.

Our first 2 are Freestyle sessions happening on following dates.
Sunday 11/11/2012
Sunday 18/11/2012

In Alva Beach at the Lifesavers. Our coaches will be World Champion Andy Yates, Rachel Baglin, and Rico Croon.
Learn from the best and progress to the next level at the butter flat lagoons in Alva Beach.

The next Pro kite Academy will be a racing camp.

Coach Andy Yates Freestyle World Champion

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SPX2 New German C-Kite

1st Sneaky Peak of The Spleene SPX2 in Pallarenda. Only 10-15kntos, kite flies and feels exceptional. We will have a good fly in stronger winds on the 9m and 12m soon.

Review and more info soon..

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NJS Designs- CF 2013 Kite Race Board

Kite Race BoardNils is owner and shaper of NJS Designs that has been the leader of Kite race Board design since the beginning. Nils is building one of the fastest Raceboards out there right now- the brand new CF 2013. Continue reading →

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Australian Kite Racing on the Rise

Kite Racing - In the Loop KiteboardingHi Everyone, Marvin here from In the Loop Kiteboarding to give you the latest on the Kite Racing Scene in Australia.  The kiteboard racing scene is starting to grow very quickly in Australia. At last years 1st national racing titles in Alva Beach, Queensland there were only 15 registered racers with only a few guys on proper raceboards. At this year Nationals in Pallarenda we had over 40 registered racers most on dedicated raceboards. Continue reading →

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Spring- start to the windy season this year?

It has a pretty disappointing winter season so far but it seems like the wind has finally kicked in, the sky staying blue and the water and air much warmer. In the last few weeks the local Pallarenda Seabreeze has been blowing pretty much every afternoon 10-15knts, sometimes more for few hours which really only suits racing or kiting with special light wind gear so a lot of people don’t even bother. However, have been racing and teaching lots.
Hopefully the Wind will blow till the end of the year from now on- would be sweet with all the new 2013 gear arriving right now.

Yesterday we had 15-20knts all days with a fun incoming tide in the late afternoon and awesome weather. The first guy was out 7am and there were still people kiting at dark. Over 40 people throughout the day were enjoying the winds.
Few photos from the day. Photographer Peter Campbell.

Hit us up for a demo if you keen to ride some new Twintips, Directionals, Boots, Raceboards and SUPs.

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