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2015 Kitefoil Gold Cup Tour Media Release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hydrofoiling Kiteboards will be on display at the world’s premier sailing destinations beginning in March 2015. Marking the second year of hydrofoiling proliferance, kiteboard racing has gained popularity with a variety of athletes. Sailboat racers, trick riders, and speed demons have gravitated toward this fleet due to its raw performance and good-natured competition. The 2015 tour will be comprised of four stops including: La Ventana Mexico, San Francisco USA, Townsville Australia, and a European event to be announced shortly. The planet’s best
competitors will vie for the title of KiteFoil Gold Cup champion, a title won by Johnny Heineken on the inaugural tour in 2014.With over seventy riders from nineteen countries, last year’s tour was highly contested as a different sailor won each of the three tour stops. Rapid development of equipment and athleticism have enabled these sailors to perform at speeds which rival the finest America’s Cup sailing yachts. Californian sailor Joey Pasquali has been training against Oracle’s turbo foiling AC45 in San Francisco Bay and reports, “We’re (foilboards) a touch faster up the track and they’re (AC45 Turbo) a touch faster off the breeze.” The 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup tour will certainly be one to watch as these sailors push the envelope of performance on this modest platform.

The tour is run under the guidance of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and Technical Director Robbie Dean. IKA has partnered with Playa Central Beach Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, and Townsville Sailing Club to provide the backbone for each of the events. A French tour stop had originally been in the planning but unfortunate circumstances inside the French federations prohibited a tour stop in the motherland of hydrofoing kiteboards.

Stay tuned as these sailors hoot and howl their way around the course… on one of the fastest
wind powered watercrafts in the world.

Hydrofoiling Kiteboard statistics:
Top Speed: 42.8 knots
Upwind speed: 21 knots
Downwind Speed: 32 knots
Upwind VMG: 14 knots
Downwind VMG: 20 knots
Sailors: Top notch

Information regarding the KiteFoil Gold Cup tour can be found at www.kitefoilgoldcup.com

The start with Townsville in the back

The start with Townsville in the back


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Warning about Kitesurfing In Currumbin Creek

This area is very popular with locals and visitors and is a place that large numbers of people enjoy in a wide range of recreational activities including swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, bird watching, picnicking on the sand, etc.


This area is also a hot spot due to the popularity and the confined nature of the location.  There have been several incidents between various users in the past (e.g. various types of vessels and surfers/surf craft of various styles, kite surfers and swimmers/beachgoers, etc.).


Gold Coast Waterways Authority is aware of various rules, regulations, codes of conducts, covering kite-surfing that are in operation elsewhere and that, if applied to the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek, would not permit kite surfing activities in the area.


However, rather than ban any users, Gold Coast Waterways Authority is determined to try a more collaborative approach.


GCWA asks you not to use the waters within the estuary and mouth of Currumbin Creek for kite surfing activities, unless it is for the launching or retrieval of kite surfing equipment to access ocean waters seaward of the entrance to Currumbin Creek’.

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Heineken and Calliet 2014 Gold Cup Champions

Heineken and Calliet first ever Foil Gold Cup Champions


Kite Foil Champions

Kite Foil Champions

The final Gold Cup in Australia was a cracker of an event. After the last day of thrilling medal races the fleet concluded 27 races in total.

Nico Parlier (FRA) won the regatta ahead of Heineken and Nocher. Heineken was able to score 3 bullets on the final day, securing the overall first position and making history being the first ever kitefoil world champion ahead of Nico Parlier and Maxime Nocher.


Nico Parlier on top of the podium in Australia

Nico Parlier on top of the podium in Australia

French woman Sophie Calliet showed strong racing at the 3 events in Mexico, Switzerland and Australia and became the Gold Cup winner for the females ahead of Steph Bridge.

The racing during the weeks long regatta was amazing with good breeze for 10-15m kites in beautiful North Queensland.

Everybody enjoyed the vibes and the sportsmanship of the athletes was outstanding.

Good vibes and 110% professionalism by our race committee Robbie Dean and John Byrnes

Good vibes and 110% professionalism by our race committee Robbie Dean and John Byrnes

The Australian Gold Cup was followed by thousands of people around the world who were watching the livestream by Brillitec every day. Most of the viewers being in the USA following the live action ever days.

Congratulations to all the top 10 finishers of the Cup and all competitors that were racing in the first every hydrofoil world tour.

the last and deciding race of the regatta. Top 10 guys lining up at the start.

the last and deciding race of the regatta. Top 10 guys lining up at the start.

Gold Cup Australia results:

1. Nico Parlier
2. Johnny Heineken
3. Maxime Norcher
4. Julien Kernuer
5. Damien Leroy
6. Adam Withington
7. Benni Boelli
8. Theo De Ramecourt
9. Benjamin Petit
10. Nicolas Lesson

1. Sophie Calliet

Overall Male:
1. Johnny Heineken
2. Nico Parlier
3. Maxime Nocher

Overall Female:
1. Sophie Calliet
2. Steph Bridge
3. Anastasia Akopova


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Kitefoil Gold Cup Australia Day 4

Day 4 Kitefoil Gold Cup Australia

Day 4 had 6 races scheduled by RO Robbie Dean. He decided to do 3 back to back and then another 3 back to back after a 45min break.
From sunrise the wind was blowing from ESE. Robbie decided at the Skippers meeting to wait until the wind moved a bit more to the ENE seabreeze direction which happened about midday, with racing good to commence for a 12.30pm start.

The course was laid out further to the northern part of the strand a little to the right of our live stream headquarters, the Aquarius, where Jalen and his team from Brillitec have been doing an amazing job broadcasting every single race live from Townsville.

The wind filled in quickly and was soon blowing between 14-20knts increasing in the afternoon. Most people were on 12-15m kites for the first 3 races and on 9-12m kites after the break.

The racing was fierce and fast with the top guys battling it out all day. Nico Parlier scored 4 bullets, and Maxime Norcher and Johnny Heineken one each.

The following pack saw some tight battles with Julien Kernuer, Damo Leroy, Benjamin Petit, Theo De Ramecourt and Benni Boelli fighting for positions.

Tactics and strategy were important on day 4, choosing lots of different lines and ways to get around the course. Great gains and losses were possible depending on how the riders chose to sail.

There were a few kite tangles and penalties which resulted in 2 tangles and fouling at the top mark forcing Maxime Norcher to do a 360 turn after the incident.

At the top mark it was blowing over 20knts at times and many foilers exploded or were getting pulled downwind being overpowered on their foil kites.

The racers and spectators were stoked on the conditions and about the great racing all day long in beautiful North Queensland weather.

Heineken, Leroy and Norcher fighting for positions

Heineken, Parlier and Norcher fighting for positions


Norcher pinching hard to get around the top mark

Norcher pinching hard to get around the top mark


The start with Townsville in the back

The start with Townsville in the back

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The Sealink “Boat vs Board” showdown From Magnetic Island to Townsville

International Kitefoilers dominate ocean crossing in Townsville


The Sealink “Boat vs Board” showdown saw the Sealink fast catamaran ferry leaving Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island at 3pm sharp on Sunday.

Boat vs Board Kite Race

The Kiterace fleet let the ferry pass giving it a head start before their start horn went off to race the ferry and other boarders. 186 stoked spectators were on the top deck of the ferry cheering and enjoying the race.

Due to light 10 knot winds, the Hydrofoils Boards were again untouchable crossing the bay ahead of the Sealink ferry, twintips, formula race and slalom boards.

Of the start, the top 5 foilers including Maxime Norcher, Julien Kerneur, 16 year old Theo De Ramecourt, Nico Parlier and Johnny Heineken were leading the over 30 kiteboarders strong fleet from flying towards Townsville.

It was a tight fight between Johnny Heineken (USA) and Nico Parlier (France).

Johnny was leading the race until he made a navigational error after rounding the first mark going downwind because he could not see the second marker off Kissing Point looking into the glare.

Nicolas Parlier saw Johnny going too far downwind and closed in on him rounded the 2nd mark first. From there Nico controlled and defended his position winning the 13.5km race ahead of Johnny Heineken and Maxime Norcher in 15m22secs with an average speed of 28.58 knots (52.93 km/h).

In the twintip division Benny Kali from Papua New Guinea showed the strongest legs ending up first.
Official results

1 Nico Parlier
2 Johnny Heineken
3 Maxime Nocher
4 Julien Kerneur
5 Theo De Ramecourt
6 Adam Whittington
7 Damian Leroy
8 Benjamon Petit
9 Nicholas Leason
10 Marvin Baumeister
Nico celebrating his win after a tough fight with a good old fist pump.

Nico celebrating his win after a tough fight with a good old fist pump.


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Ozone News Flash- Fast kites coming

Hi, this is just a quick mail to let you know the progress of our kite program.

The Edge is coming along very well and we are very happy with the new kite and the new looks. We have refined the Edge to be faster and more powerful for all the racing and big boosting riders out there. It is still super easy to ride and has not lost the Ozone Feeling. We have worked also on slick new looks so it looks just as fast as it flies! We are very excited about the release of this kite.

Very exciting news is that we have a new closed cell high performance foil kite coming too, The Chrono. This has been tested over the past year and it has been proving to be a speed and hangtime monster, it is water re launchable and so will fit perfectly into the market for people who want a cross over land/water kite or for racers looking to get more performance even than the Edge. Yes, it is fast and goes upwind like nothing else.

Here is a sneak peek of the kite http://flyozone.com/landkites/en/news/headlines/22877

We hope to have the Chrono on the OS now.

Just in from Portugal is a slick video of the REO 2014, this kite has gone down so well this year we are very happy with the performance.

Cheers Team Ozone.

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2014 Axis Tranq (Alexander Lewis Hughes)

Our West Oz team rider Sci Anderson has been riding this new Axis Tranq board for the past couple of months now.  Enjoy the feedback.

There are very few boards on the market that can lay claim as a true boot orientated kite board. An issue I constantly came up against. I have managed to break the track / insert system in a number of boards that claim to be boot ready. Be careful and scope the warranty details when intending on bolting boots to your new ride.


My requirements are quite simple I need a board that allows me to:

  • Ride hard
  • Stomp huge landings with power
  • Stomp Mega Loops
  • Massive Pop
  • Cushy landings
  • Strong board with a proper insert that will not rip out!
  • Something I can hit rails on

After doing some research on the current marketplace it quickly became apparant the choices where thin on the ground.

The AXIS TRANQ had just arrived onto the market and it spoke to me immediately. This board has been designed in a collaboration of one of Australias original ‘wake style’ riders. Alex, ‘Rowdy’ or ‘Tweak’ as he is commonly referred to as has been involved in the scene for a number of years and with a mixed repertoire or kite skills – he truly knows whats up. An advocate for no bull shit no holds barred commentary Alex tells it like it is.


This integrity, experience and multifaceted approach to kitesurfing bleeds into his own signature board.

On delivery of the board it is quickly apparent this board is thick, heavy and generally of a bomb proof appearance. Finally a board that is BOOT ready and not some flimsy noodle with inserts that are going to rip out in ten sessions!

The board is an all rounder for sure and equally enjoyable in a plethora of conditions. The board goes well in flat water, waves and steps up in kickers for sure. Alex designed the board with  rocker to be good off kickers but flat enough to get good pop and speed in shitty wind. Even at the low end the board does not bog so hard that you lose out on a light wind session. 

The board features a Ptex base and Double rows of inserts (so if you cross thread one you have a back up!) really keep this board going longer when others will perish. This feature provides a rich piece of mind, sort of two lives.

Alex commented that eliminating almost all of the torsional flex has also made it a much more direct and responsive board than alot of kiteboards out there. You will adapt your riding style slightly when you first pick this board up but trust me when you get into it you are going to be stoked. I enjoy this board most in powered conditions as the pop, landings and ride is SOLID.



Length: 141cm

Width: 43cm

Tip Width: 30cm

Rocker: type – Constant, amount – 5.5cm

Base: Ptex

Core: 4.0mm full Paulownia (wood)

Fins: .7inch G10

Inserts: M6

Flex: Stiff in the middle with a medium flex in the tips. Very little torsional flex.

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North Gambler 2014 Review

North Gambler 2014 

One of this seasons most hyped twin tips has finally arrived on Australian shores. Leaked photos and Instagrams have been dropping sneak peaks for the past few months but finally its here and looks rad in its banana yellow skin.

The all new North Gambler 2014 coined the “BANANA” makes a statement on and off the water. There’s an overwhelming sense that this board was built to be brutally caned.

Designed for boots (Matching North Banana boots are available but can be ridden with any boots you care to bring to the party)

  • It sports a ‘huge’ amount of rocker hence the ‘Banana’ nickname.
  • Slick base construction provides a tough skin to protect the board on sliders, kickers and general beach wear and tear
  • Carbon beam construction with a Wake bottom
  • Aggressive flex + pop


The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance.


Buckets! This board pops huge. I was going massive right off the bat with minimum effort. Again this excels when powered up but it will still take you to the moon.



This board excels when powered up no doubt. I did find upwind ability a little lagging but what do you expect! Its a wake style board designed for aggressive riding and Hucking large. The fact that you go for a larger size when riding boots increases surface area so you will find it rides upwind fine. I had no issues myself.


Deep rails combine with a wakeboard like base offer up excellent grip with or without fins. It comes with 3.5cm fins as standard.



COP! The Banana is a belter of a wake style board. Finally North have delivered a board tailor made for boots, park style riding and throwing down large in kickers, flat water and even the chop.

On my third session on the Banana I am getting the board dialled in. For me this is the best North Gambler yet.


Sharp, invigorating, full of life and charisma the Banana will not disappoint.

Organise a demo from your local North dealer.

Get your Potassium fix.

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Interview-Johnny Heineken and Riccardo Leccese

A few days ago we sat down and did an interview with the current world champion Johnny Heineken and current IKA world ranked racer #1 Riccardo Lecesse find out a few interesting things about their kite racing.

Johnny and Rikki are both riding Ozone Kites, Mikes Lab Boards and Tectonics Fins. The two guys are the fastest racers out there and we were eager to find out what they up to. Johnny has a few crazy busy weeks so we really appreciated him taking this time talking to us.

Enjoy the two interview and feel free to comment on their answers below.

Johnny Heineken – World Champion

World Champion Johnny HeinekenJohnny is man to beat because he has won the last 2 world kite racing championship in racing so far and has not lost a single regatta he has attended yet. He rides out of the legendary San Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco and trains mostly in his home water in Crissy Fields.

Hi Johnny,

First of all congrats to the recent win at the annual Bridge to Bridge race in San Francisco bin a record time of 12 mins.

Q: do you do any leg strength/ endurance training off the water and if so, what works for you?

JH: I don’t…probably should though. I find that kiting is the best way to get in shape for kiting. But I’m lucky because there’s wind everyday at home so I don’t have to stay occupied waiting for sailable conditions.

Q: what is the best tactical or strategic decision you have made in a kite race?

JH: That’s a hard one. Everything happens so quickly in kite racing It’s really about making a ton of good decisions in a row without much time to think about any of them…

Q: How does a perfect start look for you?

JH: Going fast with clean air 1 minute after the gun goes off….

Q: describe the most interesting protest you’ve been involved with.

JH: O man I hate going to the room…

Q: Should we be opening up the box design more to allow innovation in racing boards to be similar to the ac72 foils or leave it as is. Are kite foils the future?

JH: I think the good thing about the raceboard class is that the playing field is pretty even with equipment right now. While I love the development part of the sport, it is too much to have people showing up with new boards and kites at each event. I think the box rule is a healthy way to go for now and we should ask ourselves this question again in another year.

Foils are definitely part of the future, but they don’t mix well on the racecourse with course boards. I think these classes will continue to grow in parallel and will open up the racing scene to even more competitors.

Q: Do you use any technical gear while training – ie gps, compass, speed reader? Or do you just use training partners to assess?

How many times a week do you train? And for how long? How long have you been doing that for?

JH:I just try to get a lot of time on the water with good training partners. I don’t find using a GPS that helpful, especially in San Francisco where the conditions are so variable.

Q: Do you subscribe to “no business time” the night before a big race?

JH: Not sure what this is…

Q: Few thoughts about Foil vs Raceboard?

JH: Both are going to continue to grow. I’m stoked to be a part of each scene now. The reason you’ve seen me in the foil world lately is because I’ve just really got going on my first high performance foil setup and I’m having a lot of fun being on the steep part of the learning curve again.

Q: what is your favourite dish?

JH: Chicken pesto Pizza

Q:what is your favourite beer?

JH:Is this a setup? You want me to say Heineken don’t you…I enjoy the local favorite wherever we travel.

Q: Whats your favourite kite size to race on?

JH: Lately I’ve been on a 7m everyday with my foil, but I think my go-to kite right now on a raceboard is my 10m Ozone Edge. That thing is magical! Raced the entire North American’s on it this year and won the event!

Thanks for your time Johnny and all the best for the world championships defending your title.

JH: Cheers dude I see you at the World Championships in China.

Riccardo Leccese – IKA World Ranked Racer Number 1

IKA world ranked racer Number 1 Riccardo LecesseRiccardo Lecesse has been the worlds ranked number number 1 racer for almost a year now and is an amazing athlete that takes his professional racing very serious.

Hi Rikki how are you? Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me today.

Q: do you do any leg strength/ endurance training off the water and if so, what works for you?

Rikki: oh yes ! My own nature instincts is doing sport since i can remember !! I’m really close to mountain biking and sea swimming ! I’m a really early guy 5.30am I’m on my way up the hills ! that’s just the beginning of my day !! no GYM it sucks ! I like military training, I do all of push and pull Up bars !

Q: what is the best tactical or strategic decision you have made in a kite race?

Rikki: no matter what ! be on the starting at 5min 0 sec when green flag goes Up, always do Your own race, use Your strengths that will get You in a better position to finish it clean!

Q: How does a perfect start look for you? i already said it ! be at 5min 0sec on the starting line, kite low, feet on the foodstraps pushing the rails ! don’t worry if You are not stick to the starting boat ! definitely that is not a good position to be !

Q: describe the most interesting protest you’ve been involved with.

Rikki: I don’t keep a track of my protest ! I don’t like to be involve in any !! I’m really stick to rules if i do a mistake i just assume it so it goes easy through the judges ! but i can remember this year at the North Americas, tangle at the starting line, I got two days in running the protest, watching videos with the ISAF rule book on my hands ! at the end i got my redress and some guys penalized

Q: Should we be opening up the box design more to allow innovation in racing boards to be similar to the ac72 foils or leave it as is. Are foils the future?

Rikki: I would love open box rule ! that would make my ride faster ! that is what with love ! with this tight box rule i feel the sport is going backwards.

Foil are getting stronger but we should see it as two different disciplines, it is not cleaver to compare !!

I do foil ! i do like it ! but in real life you can’t compare two girlfriends !! =P

Q: Do you use any technical gear while training – ie gps, compass, speed reader? Or do you just use training partners to assess?

Rikki: oh yeah, i do use technology !!! it is the most advance You can get in the market ! it is called The Bunny, real name Alvaro Cadena he dam fast !

Q:How many times a week do you train? And for how long? How long have you been doing that for?

Rikki: i have been kitting for almost 12 years now ! 4 years ago it started to be as my job so i quit everything else i was doing to be able to kite every single days Yijiiiii time off is whem I’m on the plane …. TO GO KITING AGAIN !!! hahaha

my name is Riccardo I’m a kite addict ! i haven’t been sober for 12 years !

Q: Do you subscribe to “no business time” the night before a big race?

Rikki: definitely no alcohol or going late to sleep before a contest, i just get to focus ! but my bird keeps working ! haha

never say no to a lady that wants you ! you will regret it. last year in Germany i was with my German girlfriend we make love every morning i won races and end Up 2nd over all !!

Q: good stuff buddy. I know the same worked for you at the South/Middle American Championships 😉

Q: Mate a few thoughts about Foil vs Raceboard?

Rikki: what about 2 spectacular stunning girls ! one brunette one blonde ! which one will you choose ! im sure you would like to ride them both !! haha ! same with this two division ! both are very fast and very fun to ride !

Q: YES! You are like the Freud of kite racing buddy.

Rikki:Yes but faster. ha

Q: what is your favourite dish?

Rikki: Italian cuisine is the best for me, i like to cook home style it is more tasty and healthy !! When to a going Restaurant … i choose SUSHI yeah !!!!

Q:what is your favourite beer?

Rikki: any beer !! beer is beer at party time !!

Q: Whats your favourite kite size to race on?

Rikki: from 9 to 11 it is the perfect balance to be challenged, race looks fast, sea looks with reasonable attitude, You get fast manoeuvres !

Q: Favorite spot ?

Rikki: it would be to silly if i say back home ! but side of ride all over Colombia, i will highly suggest go Maui it is crazy windy and it is super fun going nuts on Your 7m ! We will have the 2014 South/Middle American Championships at my home spot. Come and visit its amazing there.

Good on ya Rikki! Best of luck for the world championships. The Australian Kite racing community is super excited for you to come over here to do the kite race clinics with us and race at Sail Melbourne, The OceanicsWA and the Red Bull L2L Race.

Rikki: I can’t wait to come over, it has always been a dream of mine since I was a child to visit Australia.

Marv: Cool as and The Australian ladies are excited to meet you Rikki!

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2014 Rebel Out Now

You can pre-order the wicked 2014 Rebel now! Also check  out  little teaser review from Mario here:

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