Australian Kite Racing on the Rise

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Kite Racing - In the Loop KiteboardingHi Everyone, Marvin here from In the Loop Kiteboarding to give you the latest on the Kite Racing Scene in Australia.  The kiteboard racing scene is starting to grow very quickly in Australia. At last years 1st national racing titles in Alva Beach, Queensland there were only 15 registered racers with only a few guys on proper raceboards. At this year Nationals in Pallarenda we had over 40 registered racers most on dedicated raceboards.Kite Racing for the Olympics

Kite Racing - In the Loop KiteboardingA lot of sailing clubs around Australia are embracing the kite racing into their local sailing competitions and agendas. Yachting Australia is now setting up racing centres and teams around the country to prepare for the 2016 Olympics where kite racing is included.  Adam Quinn from North Kiteboarding will support and coach keen Aussie Racers. This is great news as Adam has a lot of experience from back in his windsurfing racing days as well as being a keen and competent kiter. He is also the Australian rep for the biggest kiteboarding brand, North who is avidly pushing the racing side of the sport. Intheloop is offering race clinics for those who are keen to get into racing.  We are in the lead up to the Sail World Cup Melbourne event in December 2-8 where you can collect 200 points.

Well, that wraps it up from me this time.  Be sure to check out my regular blob articles which I am hoping to write on a regular basis. See you out on the water and let’s keep it alive!


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