Agnes Water to Tannum Sands

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32 Nautical Miles Kites/Surfboards
Zac Bond and Duncan Kennedy
Written by Duncan
Zac originally threw the idea out there of kiting from Agnes Waters back to Tannum Sands and mentioned it to me after a usual Sunday freestyle Session at the beach.
We both decided there and then that the next strong SE wind we had we would go for it. Watching the forecast for a few weeks and getting disappointed with Southerlies that didn’t quiet strengthen, we finally had a strong wind warning that looked to kick in on a Sunday morning.
It was on. I lined up Gary Schultz, a mate I work with who is a very well experienced ocean going mariner with plenty of experience in rescue’s. Well not actually being the rescuer,  he”s usually the person being rescued, but what the hell’…he’ll have to do. He kindly drove us to Agnes with my jetski in tow just in case a swift rescue was in order. Which luckily was never needed.
Driving to Agnes, we were pumped about the journey ahead, we discussed the rare possibility of anything going wrong, comforted by the fact we had an Epirb, camel packs full if water and some protein bars. Rain clouds started to fill in the sky above us and a few light showers Dulled our hope and excitement that we might have the breeze we were after.
Arriving at Agnes Waters driving over the hill coming in to town with the ocean in full view it didn’t look all to impressive, it was overcast and only the odd white cap could be spotted on the horizon.
We decided to drive to the headland at round hill, that would be the best place to get a feel for what the wind was doing. It didn’t seem all that strong and maybe a little to South (off shore). Plan B, to get a real indication of wind strength, we launched the jet ski and Zac and I rode out about 300m from the headland, where we were greeted with at least 20kts of Southerly wind and 3m swell. It was happening!!
The jetski went back on the trailer and we drove around to the Agnes surf club that was our point of launch. With only just enough offshore breeze to get us off the beach we sailed out and we were on our way!! Once we got a fair distance offshore we were into about 20kts which increased to over 25 at times!!
Kiting past some awesome sights of Round hill, Bustard Head (the famous Bustard head lighthouse), Outer rocks and Pancake creek with a 3m swell following you and only the sound of your board cutting threw the water is and experience only kite surfers would appreciate. Plus knowing that if your gear fails or the wind drops out, your on your own, gives that constantly  looming lump in your throat that lets your know your taking a risk, followed by a type of adrenalin rush you can’t experience any other way.
The wind being dead South it was a maze of Gybes all the way up the coast, Zac and I crossing paths during each Gybe and at one stage Zac yelling out “which way do we go!!”? Easy mate keep the land on the left and your heading the right direction. There’s not much to say about the actual journey that any kite surfers reading this haven’t already experience by sailing downwind, I guess it’s more the preparation, build up to the journey and the rewarding feeling you get at the end when a group of your fellow kitesurfers are waiting on the beach for you when you get back because there’s no wind for them to kite….errr… No wind? That’s right, the short last leg of our journey from Coliseum to Tannum beach there was only about 10kts of wind!!! I was kite looping my 9m to make it to the beach, while Zac seemed to be doing ok with his 11m . Just making it back to the beach, I tried a graceful dismount from my surfboard onto the sand, my legs going to jelly from the 3 hr trip, I tripped and fell off my board with everyone watching.
Awesome Finish. Greeted first by my old man Dave, who is also a keen kitesurfer at 62years of age and still goes hard, he’s one to look up too. He shook our hands like we’d just come back from sailing around the world, he looked happier we made it than we were. It was awesome to have our friends there waiting for us. So that’s it, 9:30am – 12:30pm, 3hrs downwind on a surfboard, 32 nautical miles.
Dropping the kites We both decide its time for lunch and to get ready for an afternoon freestyle session!! You know what they say, No rest for a kitesurfer!!!!
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