In the Loop Kiteboarding began in Townsville in 2003. It was started by Matthew Payne, a keen kiteboarder who began riding in late 2000. As the sport grew in popularity and increasing numbers of people were interested in trying it, Matt saw the need for a business that provided professional instruction to allow people to learn the sport safely and quickly. As a result Matt became a certified International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) instructor. Since starting In the Loop, Matt has competed in numerous Australian competitions and as a team rider for Airush Kiteboarding. Since finishing his Ph.D in Molecular Microbiology in 2007 mad has been working overseas and settle down in Western Australia working as a post Doc at University of Western Australia and handed there business over to Marvin.

In the Loop’s mission statement has always been to get people into the incredible sport that is kiteboarding as quickly and safely as possible. Marvin continues to push this goal through pushing every aspect of kiteboarding and running the kite and Paddle Board school with top teaching techniques combined with state of the art equipment. To date, In the Loop remains as one of Australia’s original kiteboarding brand.
We are proud of our team riders in Townsville and around Australia! Rock Steady and ride hard!

In The Loop team riders competition results:

2004 Nationals – semi finals Matt Payne

2004 Cairns kite week – 1st Matty Payne open men’s technical air

2005 Townsville kite comp – Men’s open 1st Drew Mc Pherson, 4th Matty Payne

2005 Port Douglas – 1st Andrew Grice Matthey Payne 2nd Open men’s

2005 Nationals – Andrew Grice semi finals

2006 Coconet Classics – 2nd Big Boosting comp, 2nd Juniors Josh van Brederode, Cav Finals open men

2006 Bowen Coconet Classics – Cav 5th open men

2006 Port Douglas – 2nd Matt Payne open men’s

2007 Coconet Classics – Tom Ryan 1st Juniors, Andy Yates 1st open Men, Marvin Open men’s finals, Sam Robinson Juniors finals

2008/09 Nationals- Andy Yates Open Men 1st, Open Men Michael Bell 3rd, Michael Bell 1st Juniors

2010 Andy Yates PKRA World Champion

2010/11 Nationals Rico Croon 7th, Rachel Baumeister 5th Women, Marvin 2nd Racing

2011 Rachel Baumeister PKRA Nee Caledonia 3rd

2012 Sail Brisbane Marvin 3rd

2013 Rachel Baumeister PKRA Italy 5th

2013 Marvin Sail Townsville 1st