2014 Axis Tranq (Alexander Lewis Hughes)

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Our West Oz team rider Sci Anderson has been riding this new Axis Tranq board for the past couple of months now.  Enjoy the feedback.

There are very few boards on the market that can lay claim as a true boot orientated kite board. An issue I constantly came up against. I have managed to break the track / insert system in a number of boards that claim to be boot ready. Be careful and scope the warranty details when intending on bolting boots to your new ride.


My requirements are quite simple I need a board that allows me to:

  • Ride hard
  • Stomp huge landings with power
  • Stomp Mega Loops
  • Massive Pop
  • Cushy landings
  • Strong board with a proper insert that will not rip out!
  • Something I can hit rails on

After doing some research on the current marketplace it quickly became apparant the choices where thin on the ground.

The AXIS TRANQ had just arrived onto the market and it spoke to me immediately. This board has been designed in a collaboration of one of Australias original ‘wake style’ riders. Alex, ‘Rowdy’ or ‘Tweak’ as he is commonly referred to as has been involved in the scene for a number of years and with a mixed repertoire or kite skills – he truly knows whats up. An advocate for no bull shit no holds barred commentary Alex tells it like it is.


This integrity, experience and multifaceted approach to kitesurfing bleeds into his own signature board.

On delivery of the board it is quickly apparent this board is thick, heavy and generally of a bomb proof appearance. Finally a board that is BOOT ready and not some flimsy noodle with inserts that are going to rip out in ten sessions!

The board is an all rounder for sure and equally enjoyable in a plethora of conditions. The board goes well in flat water, waves and steps up in kickers for sure. Alex designed the board with  rocker to be good off kickers but flat enough to get good pop and speed in shitty wind. Even at the low end the board does not bog so hard that you lose out on a light wind session. 

The board features a Ptex base and Double rows of inserts (so if you cross thread one you have a back up!) really keep this board going longer when others will perish. This feature provides a rich piece of mind, sort of two lives.

Alex commented that eliminating almost all of the torsional flex has also made it a much more direct and responsive board than alot of kiteboards out there. You will adapt your riding style slightly when you first pick this board up but trust me when you get into it you are going to be stoked. I enjoy this board most in powered conditions as the pop, landings and ride is SOLID.



Length: 141cm

Width: 43cm

Tip Width: 30cm

Rocker: type – Constant, amount – 5.5cm

Base: Ptex

Core: 4.0mm full Paulownia (wood)

Fins: .7inch G10

Inserts: M6

Flex: Stiff in the middle with a medium flex in the tips. Very little torsional flex.

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