2013 Ozone Edge Review

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Today i got to the new 2013 Ozone Edge. I used it on 25m lines and 27m lines.
At first glance when unpacking i liked that the edge had fresher graphics and a the bag is in black and green. No biggie but a nice first impression is always good.

Looking at the kite i recognised that the struts were thick on top and then thin out towards the endings. This will save a bit of weight and make the kite look sexy!?

The frontline bridal lines are super thin and also add to reducing weight..
First time is have seen the IKA tag for a registered kite. I guess you can use it in the Olympics.

When i flew the kite it felt good. You can point very high upwind and the Edge 2013 has significantly more power and less canopy flap than its older models. It sits rock solid in the sky. However, i felt like the drag downwards was a bit more than last years.
The ’13 Edge is fast and solid in the sky. It feels like the 2012 just got super charged. The power development is smooth keeps building progressive as your board speed increases. The 2013 is less prone to over-sheeting compared to the 2012 model.
I also felt that the kite is a bit snappier when steering which i liked especially going downwind.
It handles gusts well and you got a lot of range with the depower strap on racebar which is nice when you get hit with a bullet.

I really like the bar pressure and the big range of power available on the bar which allows you to push hard into your harness and on your fins.

I did not get the chance to relaunch the kite. i hope there has been an improvement as i found it hard and time consuming to relaunch the 2012 Edges, especially in light winds.
Overall a good first riding impression. I felt comfi straight away and  I am stoked on the 2013 Ozone Edge – a very balanced and super fast, powerful and fun kite to fly.

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