2013 North Rebel 1st Review

Posted on by marvin

The Rebel has not been changed much this year everybody tells me, little tweaks here and there, new one pump, new strut design no big changes. Thats cool as 2012 Rebel was very popular and I didnt spend time at the dealer meeting because i fell in love with the the Vegas.
I was pretty ready to spend some quality time with the ‘good old’ new Rebel today and especially keen to try the bigger sizes. I rode 10,11,12,13 and 14m in 12-18knts and liked them all.
I leave a proper review to others but here few points i like to mention to start discussion: 
Generally the 2013 Rebel feels lighter to fly.
Less bar pressure and more response on bar input on bigger 12,13 and 14 sizes. My favourite size was the 13m in todays conditions. In my opinion it turns as quick as the 2012 Rebel.
I think they have managed to make the sizes 12,13 and 14 faster. Especially the 14m doesnt feel like a truck anymore like 2010,2011 models.
This years Rebel sits a bit further forward in wind window than last years i reckon.

My recommendations for 2013 is to go one size bigger than last years Rebel in the sizes in 12,13,14m 
Overall fully sick them big Rebels if we only had 25knts and the 8m out…

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